Swivel PINsafe


The New School uses Swivel PINsafe as an added security measure to protect certain information resources such as the Remote Access VPN.

Available To

  • Faculty
  • Staff


PINsafe works by presenting the user with a so-called “TURing Image” like the one below:


The ten digits shown on the colored background in the TURing Image are called the Security String. The Security String is randomly generated each time a user logs in, and is presented using a variety of different fonts and backgrounds. To log in, use your 4-digit PIN to extract digits from the Security String and enter them into the application as a One-Time Code to obtain access.

Getting Started

When you are enrolled to access an information resource that is protected by PINsafe, you will receive an email from the IT Service Desk (formerly Help Desk) itservicedesk@newschool.edu with the subject line “PINsafe Account Details.” In this email will be a 4-digit PIN that you will use as part of the login process to the secure resource. There is no need to register for PINsafe separately. When logging in to the secured information resource enter your NetID and NetID password as normal and press ENTER or click “Login”. Assuming you entered your NetID and password correctly, you will then be presented with a TURing Image. Determine your One-Time Code (OTC) from the image by entering the digits from the Security String that correspond to the digits of your PIN. For example:


Enter the OTC in the blank provided on the web page, and press ENTER or click “Login”. For most applications, a “New Image” button is also available; click this button to obtain a new TURing Image if the first one is too hard to read.


IT Central
72 Fifth Avenue, Lower Level
8:00 am - 9:00pm (Mon - Thu)
8:00 am - 7:00pm (Friday)
9:00 am - 5:00pm (Saturday)
212-229-5300 xHELP (4357)
email – itservicedesk@newschool.edu
IT Central Portal – itservicedesk.newschool.edu

Additional Information

To change your PIN to one that is easier to remember, visit the PINsafe Change PIN page. Note that PINs must contain four distinct digits; you may not use the same digit more than once. You must be connected to the New School network to change your PIN.

To reset your PIN if you have forgotten it, visit the PINsafe Reset PIN page. Request a reset code, which will be emailed to you. Then follow the directions to reset your PIN. You must be connected to the New School network to reset your PIN.