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Photo Lab Printers


Photo Lab Printers are available to support your photography program's academic printing needs. Workstations are equipped with a local printer for color photography printing. The lab does not supply paper for these printers. You must bring your own. Use only photo-quality paper. Never use the copy paper that is in the lab's black-and-white printers. Using paper which is not photo paper will result in poor image quality and may damage the printer.

Available To

  • Only Parsons Photo degree students and faculty can use these printers.


The photo lab printers are available during lab hours of operation.


The Photo Labs are located in rooms at 6 East 16th Street room D605 and D703.


 Use the photo lab printers only when your work requires quality color photo printing. This way you will save your paper as well as ink.

Getting Started

Before you print on a photo lab printer, make sure that the left and right edge guides are flush against both sides of the paper. Make sure the margins are set correctly in your software application and you are not trying to print outside of the printable area of your paper. Make sure the correct paper size is selected in the printer driver settings.

See the Photo Lab Printer Instructional Guide for step-by-step details on how to print using the photo lab printers.


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Additional Information

  • The monitors in the photo labs are calibrated, please do not adjust screen settings. Scanners are calibrated according to manufacturer's settings. The printers are maintained weekly.
  • If you think a station has a calibration problem, please report the problem to the lab staff. If a print cartridge is empty or there is another technical problem, go to a reception desk on the 6th floor, and report the problem. The problem will be logged, and the print cartridge will be replaced. Meanwhile, move to another station with an Epson photo lab printer.
  • You may add paper profiles to your station on a temporary basis. To do this, download the profile to the Work In Progress drive, then save it from there to the following path: "/User/<user's NetID>/Library/ColorSync/Profiles." Once saved in this location, it will remain available until you log out, at which point it will be deleted and will need to be re-added to be used again.