Information Technology

Open Lab Plotters


Plotters are available accross campus to support your academic printing needs using printing account credits. All plotters print on draft paper. Plotters have a printable width of 40 inches and can print up to ten feet in length. See additional information for available page sizes and costs.

Available To

  • Degree or Credit-Seeking Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


Plotters are available during lab hours of operation.


Plotter printers are available at the following locations.  


Plotter Printing Information
Printable Area         Paper Type         Cost Printer Name Printer Location
Draft Paper
(you may experience banding in areas saturated with color)
see  Additional Information below
i802-Plotter1 55 West 13th St., 8th fl.
Draft Paper
(you may experience banding in areas saturated with color)
see  Additional Information below
55 West 13th St., 8th fl.
6 East 16th St., Room 707
25 East 13th St., 2nd fl.
25 East 13th St., 3rd fl.
Premium Satin Photographic Paper
Submit in Person Print Output Center, rm 408, 55 West 13th St.


A Plotter is a large-format printer intended for CAD line drawings. It "plots" architectural and product design technical drawings, for example. It may also be used for printing graphic design on draft quality-paper. For graphic design, image-heavy, large-format photo-quality printing, you may wish to submit your job to the Print Output Center Photo Plotter.

Please review the below workflow tips and best practices before you begin printing in the labs

  • Save large files as NewschoolPDF and print from Acrobat. Save a copy of your file as a PDF. If using an Adobe program such as Illustrator, you will then see a PDF settings window. Make sure NewschoolPDF is selected as the preset. Save the PDF to Work In Progress, and open it with Acrobat Pro.
  • Print from the Work In Progress drive. Save your file to Work In Progress, and open it from there. Files printed directly from removable media (flash drive, CD, etc), the Drop Box, the web, or an email attachment may stall the printing network or may become corrupted.
  • Be patient in times of heavier traffic. Printers can only process one file at a time. Sending your file more than once only adds to the traffic, slowing everything down.
  • Users may not add or remove paper in lab printers. Printing on your own paper is not allowed. 

Getting Started

Make sure you opened your file from the Work In Progress drive. Do not print files from removable media, the "Drop Box" or files opened directly from the Web.

When you are ready to print, Go to File > Print, choose a printer from the pull-down menu and click Print. You will be prompted to enter your NetID and password. After you verify the cost of the job and click OK/Print, your job will print directly to the chosen printer. PDF format is recommended. 

You may choose standard page sizes or you may customize your paper size for plotting. See Best Practices for Lab Printing section for more details on how to prepare files for plotting.


Additional Information

Standard page sizes and associated costs are outlined in the table below:

Win Paper Size Title Mac Paper Size Title* Dimensions (in.) Printable Area (in.) Open Lab Plotters
ARCH B Arch B 12 x 18 12 x 18 $.65
JIS B3 JB3 14.33 x 20.28 14.33 x 20.28 $.87
ANSI C C 17 x 22 17 x 22 $1.12
ISO A2 A2 16.54 x 23.39 16.54 x 23.39 $1.16
ARCH C Arch C 18 x 24 18 x 24 $1.30
JIS B2 JB2 20.28 x 28.67 20.28 x 28.67 $1.74
ISO A1 A1 23.39 x 33.11 23.39 x 33.11 $2.32
ANSI D D 22 x 34 22 x 34 $2.24
ARCH D Arch D 24 x 36 24 x 36 $2.59
JIS B1 JB1 28.67 x 40.46 28.67 x 40.46 $3.49
ISO A0 A0 33.11 x 46.81 33.11 x 46.81 $4.65
ANSI E E 34 x 44 34 x 44 $4.49
ARCH E Arch E 36 x 48 36 x 48 $5.18
JIS B0 JB0 40.56 x 57.32 40.56 x 57.32 $6.97
42x60 42x60 42x60 40x60 $7.20
42x70 42x70 42x70 40x70 $8.40
42x80 42x80 42x80 40x80 $9.60
42x90 42x90 42x90 40x90 $10.80
42x100 42x100 42x100 40x100 $12.00
42x110 42x110 42x110 40x110 $13.20
42x120 42x120 42x120 40x120 $14.40

* Mac users, select "oversize" option