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Canvas is the New School’s digital classroom. Canvas provides secure spaces for posting readings and other documents and holding class discussions. You'll also find built-in video and audio, Skype-like Web conferencing, tools for collecting and grading assignments, and more.

Course Availability


  •  Classes are available to faculty in Canvas twelve weeks (90 days) before the beginning of the semester so that faculty can add and edit content and submit course materials to the library for copyright review.
  •  Faculty may email students through Canvas beginning one week before the first day of the semester by "publishing" the course. Note that students will not have access to your Canvas course until the first day the class meets. When it is possible to publish the course, a green Publish button will appear on the first page of the course. 
  •   Students will have access to your Canvas course for 60 days after the last day the class meets.


  •  Students have access to course content in Canvas on the first day the class meets. Prior to the first day students see the course listed, but can not open items or post in discussions.
  •  Students will have access to Canvas classes for 60 days after the last day the class meets.

Resources for Faculty

Canvas Instructor Guide

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Resources for Students

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