The New School supports two types of network drive for business related files, Home drives and departmental share drives: 

Home Drives 

Every faculty and staff member is provided with personal network drives for the purpose of storing university files. In the event that you use up your storage allocation, please contact Help Desk at to request additional drive space. 

Departmental Fileshare Folders 

Groups of faculty and staff with common projects can request shared network drive space. Only members of the group as specified by the share volume requestor can view and access files stored on a departmental share volume. Please contact Help Desk at to request shared network drive space.

Backup of Network Storage 

Data on network file storage is backed-up each evening. These backups are archived for three weeks (21 days). In the event you need to restore lost files, contact the Help Desk at as soon as possible. After three weeks the files can no longer be restored.  

Connecting to Network File Storage 

Access your network file storage by logging into any Windows computer on the New School network and navigating to your “I:” (Home) drive in “My Computer,” or the “S:” (Shares) drive for departmental network drives.

Choose the "Connect to Server" option from the "Go" pull-down menu, type the server address “cifs://” and enter your NetID and password. See detailed instructions.