Information Technology

Map a Shared Network Folder

How to Manually Map (connect) to a Shared Network Folder

The default drive letter for shared network folders is the S:\ drive but there are instances that you may need to connect to a shared folder that doesn’t map automatically to your computer. Here is how you manually map, or connect, to a shared network folder.

  1. Go to the lower right-hand corner of your desktop and look for a red “N” in the System Tray (you may need to click the little arrow in order to see all the icons).
  2. Right-click the red “N” to display the Netware drop-down menu. Click on the item “Novell Map Network Drive”.
  3. The Map Drive window now appears. Under “Choose the drive letter to map:”, select a letter that’s not already assigned to a folder(s). Usually a blank letter will appear here by default.
  4. Under “Enter the network path to the resource:” type in the path to the shared folder you’re mapping to. The network administrator will have provided this information in the email you receive.
  5. Enter the path exactly as indicated in the email.
  6. Check the boxes next to “Check to make folder appear as the top most level” and “Check to always map this drive letter when you start Windows”.
  7. Click the “Map” button.
  8. A new window with the shared folders will now appear.

 The next time you log in to this computer, the shared folder will appear in My Computer with the drive letter you assigned it. Remember these settings apply only to the computer on which you’ve manually mapped the folder. If you move to another computer, you would have to map the drive again.