Information Technology

Non-Person Email Accounts


Non-Person email accounts are accounts associated with an academic or administrative offices rather than an individual. Typically these account refer to shared accounts used by various administrative staff members within an office setting.

Available To

  • Staff


In instances where it is appropriate to communicate on behalf of an office, department or specific service, non-person email accounts may be made available by special request.


Non-person email accounts, like standard student, faculty and staff accounts may be accessed by login at


These acounts are typically shared by various users and serve of a primary point of contact for support and external communications for a given department or service.

Getting Started

To get started with a Non-Person email account, you may submit a Non-Person Account Request Form (PDF) for processing. The information on this form will be used to create and configure your Non-Person email account. Once your application has been approved, you will be contacted by the University Help Desk to inform you about the creation of your non-person account.


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