Software Requests


Requests for software installations may be made by faculty under the following terms as defined by Academic Technology:

  • Annual Upgrades - upgrades made in August
    Software configurations for each academic year are determined by focus group committees with input from all academic departments and implemented each August. 
  • Semi-Annual Upgrades - upgrades made during the winter break
    Software additions or upgrades are discussed among representatives of Academic Technology and the interested department. An assessment is made, which includes testing; a determination is made and acted upon during the winter break.
  • Monthly Installations - requests made in the middle of the semester
    For specific software requests, outside of the "standard suites" of software, the department supplies Academic Technology with the application. During a month period, starting when Academic Technology has the software at hand, the software is installed and tested. Faculty are part of the testing phase. When the associated faculty approves that the software works according to her/his needs the software is made available for use.
  • Weekly Installations - minimum of one week's notice required
    Requests may be made for Campus Presentation Rooms only. Faculty or departmental staff person must provide the software and proof of licensing one week in advance. Rooms are scheduled separately, and availability of rooms may be limited. You are strongly encouraged to test the installed application before your presentation, class or event. Requests are made using online form under the "Faculty" tab in MyNewSchool.

Available To


Software installations may be arranged for any computer available in all AT Supported Spaces. Please note, however that weekly installations may only be made in presentation classroom instructor stations.

Getting Started

If you would like to arrange for a weekly installation, your request may be made using an online form under the "Faculty" tab in MyNewSchool.

If you would like to arrange for a monthly installation, or, a semi-annual or annual upgrade, please reach out to Academic Technology. They will help you to determine the most appropriate course of action and outline inter-departmental coordination needs as appropriate.


Academic Technology
55 West 13th St., 3rd fl.
212.229.5300, x4571

Additional Information

Access to Qualtrics, a web-based survey and statistical analysis application, is permitted based on current enrollment in a relevant course of study. Faculty members may initiate account requests for individual student or all students in a particular class. Qualtrics account requests must be initiated by a faculty member. Please ask your instructor to complete the webform available in MyNewSchool > Faculty Tab > Information Technology > Request Qualtrics Account. Please note that Qualtrics is available for academic use only.