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Protect Your Laptop


 During finals your laptop is likely to get heavy use. The last thing you have time for is computer repair. Follow these tips to help safeguard your computer hardware and avoid damage:

  • Power down when on the move. Don't leave your laptop powered up while transporting it from place to place. It can damage the hard drive. Better to turn it off or set your computer to sleep mode.
  • Carry your laptop around in a case. This will guard your machine against damage.
  • Watch the wires! If you tend to keep your computer connected to a power adapter, be careful of where the cables are fed/located. You don't want anyone (yourself included) to trip and hurt themselves or your computer.
  • Be careful with your coffee! While good fuel for late night study sessions, even the little bit of liquid can cause damage to your laptop. Avoid picking your laptop up by its screen. This can eventually lead to a breaking of the hinges that attach the screen to the keyboard.
  • Do not leave CDs/DVDs in the optical drive. The disk could get loose inside the drive, and damage either your laptop or scratch the disk itself.
  • It is not a book, don’t treat it like one. Avoid placing heavy objects (such as a stack of books) on top of your computer even while it is closed. Excessive weight can crack your screen of break the computer’s case. Further, don’t rest your laptop on top of a stack of books. Take the time to clear a level stable spot for your laptop on a desk or table.