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Backup Your Final Projects and Papers


 You have put a lot of work into your final projects and term-papers. Now make sure that you have a reliable backup in case a file is accidentally deleted, or a technical problem with you computer won’t let you access your files. One simple backup method is to use the storage space in your New School Google Apps account.

Simply upload and store versions of your project in your Google Drive storage. Every New School student, as well as every faculty and staff member, has access to Google Drive, with up to 30GB of storage. This storage is perfect for saving class files, projects and papers. Simply upload files to New School Google Drive, and you can be sure you will have an easily accessible backup copy of your work.

Protect Your Laptop


 During finals your laptop is likely to get heavy use. The last thing you have time for is computer repair. Follow these tips to help safeguard your computer hardware and avoid damage:

  • Power down when on the move. Don't leave your laptop powered up while transporting it from place to place. It can damage the hard drive. Better to turn it off or set your computer to sleep mode.
  • Carry your laptop around in a case. This will guard your machine against damage.
  • Watch the wires! If you tend to keep your computer connected to a power adapter, be careful of where the cables are fed/located. You don't want anyone (yourself included) to trip and hurt themselves or your computer.
  • Be careful with your coffee! While good fuel for late night study sessions, even the little bit of liquid can cause damage to your laptop. Avoid picking your laptop up by its screen. This can eventually lead to a breaking of the hinges that attach the screen to the keyboard.
  • Do not leave CDs/DVDs in the optical drive. The disk could get loose inside the drive, and damage either your laptop or scratch the disk itself.
  • It is not a book, don’t treat it like one. Avoid placing heavy objects (such as a stack of books) on top of your computer even while it is closed. Excessive weight can crack your screen of break the computer’s case. Further, don’t rest your laptop on top of a stack of books. Take the time to clear a level stable spot for your laptop on a desk or table.

Overnights in the Labs


It is that time of year again and Academic Technology is again ready to help you through finals by keeping the labs open for use 24 hours a day!

When the Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 3rd & 8th floor labs open their doors on May 4th 2014, the labs will remain open until May 19, 2014 at 11:30 p.m. when the labs next close, providing you with for 24-hour-a-day access to various Technology Lab resources.

Please note that during this time the Equipment Center in room i921 on the Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 9th floor will not be open overnight and will continue to operate according to its regular hours. Any in-House equipment check-out during the day MUST be returned 30 minutes prior to the Equipment Center closing time.

Please see our full lab hours calendar for expanded details of lab hours scheduling.

Please also note that following the conclusion of overnights, the technology labs will transition to a period of reduced operational hours and some lab closures during the summer term. Please note these summer hours and closures and plan accordingly.

Google Stops Mining Education Accounts


Google has stopped scanning student and teacher messages and use of data from Apps for Education for advertising purposes. The move comes after a court case last year that claimed the scanning Google Apps for Edu accounts infringed on user privacy rights.

Google now indicates that all scanning of Gmail and any collection and of data from Apps for Education will come to an end. While ads were not included in education apps, Google still scanned accounts for data to be used later in other areas.

Google’s email and app scanning is done by robots. None of the raw data is ever seen by Google personnel.

See the full story on this in the Wall Street Journal Blog.

The New Google Sheets

Google-Drive-iconRecently Google announced the launch of the new Google Sheets. This new version is faster and can support larger spreadsheets.

At the end of April, New School Google Apps users were automatically upgraded to the new Sheets. Spreadsheets created after the upgrade use the new version.

This upgrade did not affect any existing spreadsheets and only relates to any new spreadsheets created. You will not see any prompts about the new Sheets unless your create a new spreadsheet. Feature differences between the old and new sheets are explained in this support article

The new version adds a number of speed improvements, new functions, features and more. Here is a list of new features in the latest version of Google Sheets:

  • Speed: New spreadsheets load and scroll much faster, removing many of the limits for formula complexity and spreadsheet size.
  • Improved formula editing: Check out our new function editing tools to help you build complex formulas.
  • New spreadsheet functions: Now you can use highly requested new functions such as SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, and AVERAGEIF.
  • Filter views: Create, save, and apply multiple filter views without changing what your collaborators see.
  • Advanced conditional formatting improvements: Apply formatting to your spreadsheet based on cell contents or formulas. And many more, including colored sheet tabs, paste transpose, improved find and replace, add-ons, easier linking, and lots of new number formatting options.

Photos picker in Gmail Compose

Gmail_IconIn are recent launch, the New School Google Apps Mail “insert image” button is replaced with a new button that allows you to upload a new image, or add an image by URL.Additional information about this change can be found on the Official Google Blog.