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Labs Close Early Tonight (11/25/15)

ClockAll technology learning spaces will close early (8:30 p.m.) tonight, Wednesday 11/25/2015 and will remained closed through the Thanksgiving holiday (11/26/15-11/29/15).

Please note there is an exception which will allow the University Center POC (U432) to remain open on Sunday 11/29/2015, 10:30 am - 6:30 pm.

All technology learning spaces will resume normal operating hours the following Monday, 11/30/2015.

Please plan accordingly and enjoy the break.

Changing Font Size in Google Docs and Slides

FontWith this new feature you will be able to more easily adjust the font size of your text in New School Google Docs and Slides. Now, if you highlight a selection of text in New School Google Docs or Slides, you can increase or decrease the font size in 1-pt increments by choosing Format > Font size > Increase font size or decrease font size in the menu bar. If your text selection includes multiple font sizes, each will be increased or decreased appropriately. For additional information about using  Docs and Slides see the Google Docs editors Help.

Thanksgiving Lab Closures

Reservation BlockAll technology learning spaces will close early (8:30 p.m.) on Wednesday 11/25/2015 and will remained closed through the Thanksgiving holiday (11/2615-11/29/15). (With the exception of University Center POC (U432) which will be open Sunday 11/29/2015, 10:30 am - 6:30 pm)

All technology learning spaces will resume normal operating hours the following Monday, 11/30/2015.

Please plan accordingly and enjoy the break. See our Lab Hours calendar for additional information.

Administrative Office e-waste Process

GlobeNew School Staff should be advised that the Office of Information Technology, in partnership with Buildings personnel at The New School, have an effective process in place to help you appropriately dispose of your office's e-waste. 

The two-step process is as follows:

  1. When you decide to retire office technology, an office administrator must submit an IT Central Service Request with information about the computer(s) to be assessed, including serial number and TNS tag(s). This can be provided in the 'Description' field of the IT service request ticket or in a document attached to the ticket. IT Central will then send a technician to clean-up the computer on site, remove the TNS property tag and tag the unit for e-waste recycling.
  2. After item 1. is completed, an office administrator must submit a NetFacility work order for removal of the cleaned up computer(s) appropriately labeled as "e-waste". Facilities staff will then pick up the computers and peripherals and move them to the assigned location for e-waste disposal.

Important: computers should not be picked up by Facilities before IT assesses and tags the computers as "e-waste". IT staff will not move computers after the clean-up is completed. The computers will be removed by Facilities staff.

Thank you all for your support with our ongoing sustainability efforts.If you have any questions, please contact IT Central by phone 212-229-5300 xHELP (4357), or by email at .

'Explore' in New School Google Sheets

Cut to the sense-making chase with your New School Google Sheets with Explore in Sheets. This new feature (available on web browsers and in the Android app) analyzes data (including some types of text) in your spreadsheets and automatically creates charts and reveals insights based on that information. Just highlight different sets of data and the charts will change dynamically. You can drag and drop those charts directly into your spreadsheet if you want to hold on to them. A similar feature is available with instant calculations.  

Watch the video below for a tour of the new feature.

To learn more about Google Sheet, visit the Google Docs editors help site.

Extended Equipment Reservations over Thanksgiving

Do you know that equipment in the Equipment Center is available for extended reservations over the Thanksgiving break? In fact, any reservation scheduled for equipment pickup during the week of Thanksgiving (November 23, 24, or 25) may be checked out for up to one full week.

All reservations must be made online. To make your reservation now, login to MyNewSchool > Services > Equipment and Lab Station Reservations and select “Book Equipment for Pick-up.”

If you have any about this offer, you may contact the Equipment Center staff by phone at 212.229.5300 x4556, by email at, or you may stop by in person at 55 W 13th Street, Room 921 during regularly scheduled hours of operation.

How to Tell If a Website is Encrypted

ShieldIf you send mail, share photos and videos on social media, or bank online, you are sending personal information over the internet. The information you share online is stored on a server — a powerful computer that collects and delivers media, data. Many websites, like The New School, use encryption to protect your information as it travels from your computer or mobile device to their server.

If you are unsure if a website is encrypted, look for https at the start of the web address (the “s” is an indication that the site is ‘secure’). Be aware that some websites will use encryption only on the login page. If any part of your session isn’t appropriately encrypted, your account could be at risk. Be sure to look for https on every page you visit.

Change to your New School Google Avatar

AvatarHave you noticed a change to your New School Mail profile? Google has recently enabled an option which allows you to add a photo to your New School Google Apps profile. This avatar will be used to indicate to others when you are logged in to New School Google Apps. Further, if you have multiple Google accounts, it will help you to identify which account you are using. If you have not previously added a photo to your New School Google Apps profile, Google has replaced the default Google account avatar with a custom avatar showing your first or last initial.

Note also that the change will be gradually reflected across all of your New School Google Apps over the coming months. For more information see Google Apps update detailing this change.

Making an Equipment Reservation

Information Technology’s Equipment Center offers reservation and checkout of audio and video production equipment for field and studio use. If you you are unfamiliar with the reservation process, these are the basics:.

  1. Determine your need: A list of available field production equipment can be found on the Equipment Center Kit Details (PDF) guide.
  2. Login to the reservation system: Login to MyNewSchool > Services > Equipment and Lab Station Reservations and select “Book Equipment for Pick-up”
  3. Read the agreement: When you make a reservation you will be prompted to acknowledge terms outlined on an agreement page. Be sure to read these terms carefully before you make a reservation.
  4. Make a reservation: To assist you in the reservation process please refer to the Equipment Center Reservation Guide (PDF), which will show you how to get started reserving equipment.
  5. Pick up your equipment: The Equipment Center is located at 55 West 13th St, Rm. 921.

For additional details about equipment reservations, see the Equipment Center section of our website.

Single Sign-on Apps

Single sign-on technology at The New School makes it possible for you to move between several commonly-used Web-based applications, including MyNewSchool, Google Apps, Canvas, and others without having to re-enter your username and password. In general, the single sign-on process should be transparent to you, behaving in the “expected” way most of the time. However, if you use multiple devices or multiple web browsers simultaneously, this article will help you understand how that usage affects your use of single sign-on.

Single sign-on works at the individual browser level. As long as you stay in the same browser session, you can move from one single sign-on enabled application to another without having to re-enter your username and password. By signing on to any single sign-on equipped application, all the other single sign-on applications will just work. If you completely exit the browser, all your single sign-on information will be forgotten and you’ll have to sign in again with your NetID and password. If you sign in using one browser, and then start up a different browser, the second browser will not know that you’re signed in (because browsers don’t share information), so you’ll have to sign in again with your username and password.

If you are interested to learn about single sign-on, this news story we published back in January 2015 goes into greater depth and even provides some technical information detailing how single sign-on really works.

Get the Help You Need

IT Central is a centralized, integrated IT service desk providing a single point of support for the entire university. They are your primary technology support providers. Every request for IT assistance is directed to this team to ensure consistent and timely service. They can be reached by any of the following methods:

  • By Phone: Call our easy-to-remember phone extension: HELP (x4357).
  • By Ticket: Submit and track a ticket at
  • In Person: Walk into our centralized location at 72 Fifth Avenue (Lower Level).

In addition to our standard technology support, our student and faculty/staff Relationship Managers are available to provide specialized attention to your need.

Relationship Mgr, Students
Information Technology
212-229-5300 x4718
72 Fifth Avenue Room 005 Lower Level

Relationship Manager of Faculty and Staff
Information Technology
212-229-5300 x4560
72 Fifth Avenue Lower Level Room 004

Relationship managers are your direct IT contacts for questions, concerns, and comments that require more than basic communication with our IT Central team. They are your immediate escalation contacts for service issues and will reach out to you proactively to keep you informed. They are an open door to our department for all IT-related matters and can help you when you are not sure to whom to direct requests.

Include Hidden Data in Your Google Charts

Bar ChartGoogle is making charts in New School Google Sheets easier to use and analyze. Recently Google launched a new feature providing you with the option to include hidden and/or filtered data in your charts, using Google Sheets. When you create a chart in Sheets and then filter or hide any of the data, a message will be displayed indicating that the information has been removed from your chart, providing a prompt to include it (if you like). While this option will only appear on the web, any settings will be upheld when using your mobile device as well.

If you choose to include hidden data but later decide you want to exclude it from the sheet, you can expand the chart menu in the upper right corner and select 'Advanced edit' to modify the data display. That will open the 'Chart Editor', where you can select 'Chart types' and uncheck the 'Include hidden / filtered data' checkbox. When you next hide or filter data, you’ll see the message again.

This feature is designed to give you greater control over the documents you create in New School Google Sheets. Further, this tool will stop Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with hidden data and that are imported into Sheets from being incorrectly displayed.

For more information about how to edit and manage your charts in New School Google Sheets, see Google’s help center.

Updates to New School Google Forms

CheckNew School Google Forms has been improved with a new look, feel, and functionality. The recently released changes to New School Google Forms provides you with an improved mobile-friendly interface, a revamped offering of theme and color palette options, customization capability (add your own photo or logo), and new buttons to easily insert images, GIFs, and videos. Responses now appear in the same window as the form editor (you can also view them in Sheets) to make them easier to analyze.

The new version of New School Google Forms will allow for increased response rates and some new tools like custom themes, randomizing questions, and one response per person.

For more information you may visit the Google Help Center.

IT Central in the University Center

IT Central will have a table set up in the lobby of the University Center today, 11/5/2015. At this distributed desk, we are offering step by step assistance with the registration and installation of Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365, available to all students, staff, and faculty at The New School.

As you walk through the lobby if you have any questions at all about IT services, please stop over and speak with one of our Relationship Managers. We will be there until 4 p.m. today, 11/5/2015.

See our website for more information about Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365.

Google Fonts in Word & PowerPoint on PCs

FontYou no longer need to worry about losing your fonts when you send documents and presentations created in New School Docs and Slides to instructors or colleagues using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint on PCs. All New School Google text documents and presentations will now preserve your fonts when you download Docs and Slides files in Word and PowerPoint.

For more information, see Google App Updates page.

Open Enrollment Browser Requirements

SafariChromeNew School Employees should please be advised that we have discovered an issue in Open Enrollment this year which requires you to log in to using either the Chrome or Safari web browsers in order to update your benefits enrollment.

If you log in with a different browser there are buttons on the open enrollment web pages which you will not be able to use. This would prevent you from completing your enrollment correctly.

If you already have one of these browsers, please use them when you go to the website, login, and begin your open enrollment.

Browser availability:

  • Safari comes with every Mac computer and so Mac users do not need to install anything new.
  • If you do not have Chrome installed on your computer, please visit the chrome download site and follow the instructions to download and install the Chrome browser.

We are working with our vendor to resolve this issue and, if we identify a solution, we will update the information in with the good news.

MyNewSchool Profile Image Customization

Image FileAt the time we launched the new MyNewSchool, we heard feedback letting us know that people really wanted to be able to customize their profile picture in MyNewSchool. You can now make use of a custom feature which allows you to post any image you like as your personal MyNewSchool profile picture. To change your image, just click the profile picture, add any jpg image using the file picker, and upload. If later you want to reset the image, just click the profile picture and hit the reset button.

Note: Any image upload will change only the photo displayed in your MyNewSchool profile. Changing your profile image in MyNewSchool will NOT alter any image posted in the staff/faculty directory, and will NOT initiate a reprint of your newcard.

'See new Changes' in New School Google Docs

Did you know you can now review changes made to a New School Google Docs file since you last viewed it? Additionally you can see who made the change by clicking ‘See new changes’ at the top of your document or from the File menu in Docs when viewing your documents on a web browser. This feature enhances New School Google Docs collaborative capabilities, making it easier to work together with your classmates, instructors, and colleagues at The New School.
See New Changes in Docs

Enable a Locking Screen Saver

As the final installment on our series of articles about cyber security for October (Cyber Security Awareness Month), we bring you this simple tip, helping you to set your computer to automatically lock.

Unless you're in a private office, you should configure your computer to run a screen saver that will automatically lock your screen after a short period of inactivity and require a password to unlock it. This will prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing your private information or exploiting access to your computer in your absence.

Microsoft and Apple both provide built-in screen savers with locking capability. To enable the screen saver and turn on the locking feature, follow the directions provided in our Security Handbook for your specific operating system.

Additionally you can manually lock your screen using one of the following methods:

  • On Windows, you can manually invoke the screen saver (thereby locking your computer) any time you leave your work area by pressing the Windows logo key (near the space bar) and typing 'L'.
  • On the Mac, you can invoke the screen saver manually by moving the mouse to the hot corner you set up for that purpose (see instructions above).

The New School recommends that all computers, whether owned by the university or by individual faculty, staff, and students and excluding those in classrooms and computer labs, be configured to invoke a locking screen saver after 15 minutes of inactivity. Individual faculty, staff, and students are responsible for configuring the computers they use to enable the locking screen saver.

For additional information about cyber security, you may want to refer to the Security Handbook on our website for more information.

Password Manager Applications

As you may know October is Cyber Security Awareness month and we are taking the opportunity to provide helpful resources to promote cyber security. Today we take a look at password manager applications.

KeyIf you have too many passwords to remember, the best solution is to use a password manager. These are applications and browser plug-ins that securely encrypt and store all your usernames and passwords, protecting them all with a master password that only you know. Some of them also provide features to automatically generate secure passwords, synchronize passwords between multiple devices (e.g., your home and work computers and your smart phone), and store other information such as account numbers. These applications are particularly good for helping you use long, strong passwords and a different password on every account.

A few of the more popular password managers are:

Note: The list above is provided for your convenience only; The New School does not endorse or provide support for any of the products listed.

For additional information about cyber security, you may want to refer to the Security Handbook on our website for more information.

New Templates in Docs, Sheets, and Slides

GoogleGoogle has recently released of host of new templates in New School Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (available on the web). You can select from a wide range of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations pre-designed for a variety of uses. Visit the Docs, Sheets, and Slides home screens to access the new templates.

For more information, see the Doc editors Help site at Google.

Onguard Online

LockOctober is Cyber Security Awareness month and we are taking the opportunity to provide helpful resources that you can pass along to your parents, siblings, children, or other relatives to help educate you and those close to you about cyber security. Today’s resource highlight is is a comprehensive resource for cyber security measures for people across all walks of life, businesses, and social environments. you can access information about how to avoid cyber scams, protect children, and secure your technology devices.

Formatting options after pasting in Google Sheets

1spreadsheets-iconWhen you copy and paste content in New School Google Sheets, the formatting of that text is maintained (unless you use the Paste special function). With a recent feature release from Google you now have alternative formatting options available, which will allow you to paste only the characters contained with a cell (such as numbers or text, with no formatting) or the formatting of the cell itself (color, border, etc.). Each option can ve easily accessed—after you paste, a small widget is displayed in the bottom corner the cell(s). Click on the widget and you will see options to paste only values or format.

For more information see Google Apps Updates.

Protect Your Personal Information

How secure is your personally identifiable information (PII)? You might be surprised to learn just how easily you can be uniquely identified with just a few bits of personal information. For instance take a look at some of these statistics listed below.

  • 87.1% of people in the United States can be uniquely identified using only 5-digit ZIP code, birth date, and gender (Sweeney)
  • 53% by city, date of birth, and gender
  • 18% by county, date of birth, and gender
  • First 5 digits of SSN can be correctly predicted 61% of the time using only date of birth and state of birth (Acquisti & Gross)

Those are pretty eye-opening statistics, aren’t they? Well, there are some measures you can take to limit the circulation of this kind of information. You should...

  • Never respond to an email request for personal information
  • Avoid sending personal information via email
  • Limit information you post on social media to “friends” or “circles”
  • Remove geo-tagging information from photographs you share

These are just some of the practices you can adopt better secure your personal information. You may want to take a look at these presentation materials published by the Director of Information Security at The New School or refer to the Security Handbook on our website for more information.

Partial Cell Formatting in Sheets

With partial cell formatting you can now select only a portion of the characters within a given cell in New School Google Sheets and to apply text formatting to only those characters (rather than the entire cell). This functionality is available when using web browsers or in the Sheets Android app.

Partial cell formatting in sheets

See Google's Apps Updates for additional information about new features and improvements.