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Overnights in the Labs End

As the semester ends, so too does overnight operation of the technology labs. Please note that the Technology Labs will be operating at reduced operational hours through the winter break.

Please see the Lab Hours Calendar for a full overview of scheduling and planned closures of Technology Lab facilities.

MyNewSchool Preview Enhancements

Following the recently released preview of our new university portal, we received a number of feedback from a range of New School community members. Recurring among the comments were a few particular requests that have been addressed by adding new functionality:

Page Customization Enabled - After all, it is your portal and you should be able to decide what information is most important to you. As such, you now have ability to customize your content. With customization enabled you can remove, rearrange, and even add additional content to areas of the portal where customization is enabled.

Look & Feel Improvement - In response to feedback about the readability of the font size, the look and feel has been slightly modified to deliver bigger, bolder text, and cleaner tabbed navigation.

These changes are now available for you to review at

Coming Soon...Changing Your Profile Picture - By default we have provided your preview profile account with the picture associated with your NewCard. However, you have asked to personalize your profile picture as you like. We are currently building in new functionality which will allow you to add a picture of your choosing to serve as your profile image. Stay tuned for further updates and a release of this feature in the preview system.

We look forward to the official transition to the NEW MyNewSchool in January, and the opportunity to provide you with its enhanced capabilities.

Overnights in Technology Learning Spaces

It is that time of year again and the IT Learning Spaces are again ready to help you through finals by keeping the labs open for use 24 hours a day!

When the Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 3rd & 8th floor labs open their doors on December, 1 2014, the labs will remain open until December 15, 2014 when the labs next close, providing you with for 24-hour-a-day access to various Technology Lab resources.

Please note that during this time the Equipment Center in room i921 on the Arnhold Hall (55 West 13th St.) 9th floor will not be open overnight and will continue to operate according to its regular hours. Any in-house equipment check-out during the day MUST be returned 30 minutes prior to the Equipment Center closing time.

Please see our full lab hours calendar for expanded details of lab hours scheduling.

Please also note that following the conclusion of overnights, the technology labs will transition to a period of reduced operational hours and some lab closures during the winter break. Please note these reduced hours and closures and plan accordingly.

IT Central: working to enhance the Customer Experience

To better serve our community, IT Central has been working on a series of initiatives to streamline processes and improve communication:

  • IT CENTRAL PORTAL: Sending a request for service, support or inquiry to IT is now easier. Faculty, Staff and Students may simply open a ticket using the IT CENTRAL PORTAL for which they will receive an email with information of ticket number and be able to track status. The IT Central team will make sure the request is routed to the appropriate IT group toward resolution.
  • Computer Assessment and Recommendations: New process for assessment and recommendation of New School issued laptops. Faculty and staff may initiate a Service Request using the IT CENTRAL PORTAL and schedule time to bring the laptop to IT Central at 72 Fifth Ave to be assessed by a technician. A report will be issued to the employee and their department with a recommendation based on university IT standards.

Backup Your Work for Finals

You have put a lot of work into your final projects and term-papers. Now make sure that you have a reliable backup in case a file is accidentally deleted, or a technical problem with your computer won’t let you access your files. One simple backup method is to use the storage space in your New School Google Apps account, which was recently equipped with unlimited storage (individual file sizes up to 5TB).

Every New School student, as well as every faculty and staff member, has access to Google Drive, with up to 30GB of storage. This storage is perfect for saving class files, projects and papers. Simply upload files to New School Google Drive, and you can be sure you will have an easily accessible backup copy of your work.

For more information and additional recommend methods for backing up your data see our Information Security Handbook.

New Google Calendar App

Google_Calendar_IconGoogle is deploying a new Calendar app, designed to streamline management of appointments and help you utilize your time efficiently.

Key features of the app include:

When you create a calendar event, you sometimes have to gether telephone numbers, office addresses and invitation list from various places, then add them to your calendar manually. With Assists, your New School Google Calendar can suggest appointment titles, invite lists, and potential locations as you type. Further these Assists will adjust to accommodate your preferences. For example, if you often have coffee with your Instructor Kelly, Calendar can quickly suggest this when you type ‘c-o-f.’

Schedule View
The New School Google Calendar’s new Schedule view includes some enhancements like photos and maps, and illustrations of everyday events like study, lunch, and yoga. The images make it easy to quickly see what’s scheduled.

Note: The new Google Calendar will feature some changes in terminology ('Reminders' become 'Notifications,' 'Privacy becomes Visibility,' and Privacy level ‘Default’ becomes ‘Calendar Default’).

You will also be able to set separate Notification defaults for all-day events in the coming weeks.

Google Forms Auto-upgrade

Google is upgrading all forms created in the old version of Google Forms (those created before February 2013) to the current version. The current version of Forms allows for higher response rates and additional features like custom themes, question randomization, and limiting responses to one per respondent.

Everything you have collected with the old Forms will simply transition to the current version. Note that you may find some cosmetic changes to forms using some older themes. When the transition is complete, you will get a notification when you open any updated form, letting you know that the change has been made. Once notified you may want to choose a newer theme (or create a custom theme of your own) to be sure your form with look right and remain easy to use.

For more information about the transition to the new version of Google Sheets, see the "Migration to new Google Forms" on Google's HelpSite.

Google Sheets Auto-upgrade


 On Wednesday, Dec 10, 2014 older spreadsheets created in New School Google Sheets (those created prior to Dec 2013, including any subsequent copies) will be moved to the newest version of Google Sheets.

You do not have to do anything to accommodate this change. Any data you have stored in an older Google Sheets document should be affected; infrequently however, some formulas you may have created in Google Sheets may be slightly different. A list of these differences is outlined below.

  • Formulas — There may be differences in formula behavior.
  • Text wrapping — In the earlier version, if you’d turned off wrapped text, text would get cut off at the end of a cell. In the new Sheets, the text flows into the adjacent cell, if that cell is empty. To wrap the text, simply click the Wrap text button in the toolbar.
  • Unsupported features — A few features have been discontinued in the updated version (See more).

You can tell what version your spreadsheet is in by checking to see if there is a green check mark at the bottom right of your spreadsheet (the check mark is found on new Sheets only). For more information about the transition to the new version of Google Sheets, see the "Upgrading older spreadsheets to new Google Sheets" on Google's HelpSite.

Enhanced Image Editing in Google Slides


 If you use images in New School Google Slides you now have the ability to adjust the color, transparency, brightness, and contrast of your images right in the Slides app itself.

To do this feature, choose an image in Google Slides and select the 'Image options' button in the application's toolbar. Alternatively these features are also accessible via right-click, or go to the 'Format' menu, and choose 'Image options.' Where it reads 'Recolor,' you can modify the color of an image to better complement your presentation. Where it reads, "Adjustments," you can modify the following:

  • Transparency: How much of the slide shows through behind the image
  • Brightness: How bright the image appears on the slide
  • Contrast: How much the image stands out from its background

For more information about the transition to the new version of Google Sheets, see the "Crop and adjust images in a document or presentation" on Google's HelpSite.

Protect Your Laptop During Finals

During finals your laptop is likely to get heavy use. The last thing you have time for is computer repair. Follow these tips to help safeguard your computer hardware and avoid damage:

  • Power down when on the move. Dont leave your laptop powered up while transporting it from place to place. It can damage the hard drive. Better to turn it off or set your computer to sleep mode.
  • Carry your laptop around in a case. This will guard your machine against damage.
  • Watch the wires! If you tend to keep your computer connected to a power adapter, be careful of where the cables are fed/located. You don't want anyone (yourself included) to trip and hurt themselves or your computer.
  • Be careful with your coffee! While good fuel for late night study sessions, even the little bit of liquid can cause damage to your laptop. Avoid picking your laptop up by its screen. This can eventually lead to a breaking of the hinges that attach the screen to the keyboard.
  • Do not leave CDs/DVDs in the optical drive. The disk could get loose inside the drive, and damage either your laptop or scratch the disk itself.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects (such as a stack of books) on top of your computer even while it is closed. Excessive weight can crack your screen of break the computer’s case. Further, don’t rest your laptop on top of a stack of books. Take the time to clear a level stable spot for your laptop on a desk or table.
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