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Is Your Firewall Enabled?

_shieldWhenever your computer is connected to the Internet, chances are that someone or something is probing and scanning it for vulnerabilities that could allow a virus, worm, or hacker to cause damage or take control. By enabling the firewall built into your computer's operating system, you can block this unwanted network traffic and protect your computer from attack. Enabling the firewall is every bit as important as using antivirus/malware protection.

  1. Some antivirus/malware protection products are also sold in "suite" form, in which they are bundled with other technologies such as a "personal" firewall, anti-spyware, identity theft protection, etc. Usually, these products will disable the operating system firewall and use their built-in firewall instead; this allows them to provide "active" protection against threats. Some products will give you a choice about which firewall to use and some won't, but generally it's better to use the suite's built-in firewall rather than the operating system firewall, if given a choice.
  2. Most home wireless routers include a network firewall. Although these firewalls offer valuable protection and should be turned on whenever possible, they do not provide the same protection that the operating system firewall (or a malware protection suite's firewall) provides. Even if you have a firewall enabled on your wireless router, you should still enable your operating system's firewall.

MyNewSchool Maintenance

_ServerMyNewSchool will be unavailable for approximately a half hour between 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday May 27, 2015 while Information Technology performs a maintenance upgrade. This upgrade will ensure the reliability and performance of this critical system.

You can monitor any status changes on

Learning Space Operations Summer Schedule Hours

As the term draws to a close we congratulate you on another successful academic term at The New School. Please note that with the end of the semester and the completion of finals the hours of operations for technology Learning Spaces will transition to its summer schedule. Complete details for open hours for all IT managed technology Learning Spaces is available on our full lab hours calendar.

New Google Slide Animations

_googleGoogle has released two new animations for use in New School Google Apps: Appear and Disappear. You can also now adjust the direction of two other animations available in New School Google Apps: Fly in and Fly out now allow you to configure this animation to move to and from left, right, top, and bottom.

More information about how to add animations to your New School Google Apps Slides is available at Google’s Help Center.

Release of The New School Mobile App v3

mobileIT Central is very happy to announce our upgrade to version 3 of The New School's Mobile App. The app is now available for download from both Google Play and the Apple iStore.

This upgrade is instantly recognizable with the appearance of our new logo and comes with an important enhancement to the signin process; If you are signed in to the app and select the app's link to mynewschool you will be automatically signed in through the app's browser. This upgrade also fixes the bug experienced by some people who were not able to log in to the app after making a password reset.

Please access the appropriate store for your smartphone or tablet and download the app today.

The Innovation Center

Last March we ran a story about some changes to technology Learning Spaces around campus. At that time we announced the opening of The Innovation Center at 6 East 16th St., on the 6th floor. Since its opening however Information Technology has continued to add new services and technology capabilities to that space, making it one of the most technologically progressive collaboration spaces on campus. Below is a roster of new services and features available to you at the Innovation Center:

Learning Space Lab
This Innovation Center provides access to eighteen Mac workstations. Access is available on a first come first serve basis and you can login using your NetID and password. More information available in our general FAQ for the Innovation Center.

Color/B&W Printing
The Innovation Center features two printers for general use: one B&W, the other color. These printers are available from all workstations in the Innovation Center and the drivers can also be installed on your personal laptop for wireless printing. Please see the linked instructions to install the printer drivers.

‘newschool’ Wireless
The entire Innovation Center is equipped for wireless access available to you personal laptop. Connecting to the wireless network is simple and requires you to authenticate only once per device and it will automatically join the network every time you come in range, without you having to do anything. Please see the linked instructions to connect your devices to the ‘newschool’ network.

Faculty Conference Room
The 6th floor features a conference room available for booking by faculty members. This resource can be booked through the university room scheduler. To book this room, see the Services tab in

Wireless Scanning
The technology learning space also features 3 wireless scanners which can be operated directly from your laptop (with a driver installation now available for download). Please see the linked instructions.

Flexible Furniture
The entire space is equipped with flexible furniture design so that you can rearrange tables and adjust heights to you preference in order to assure a comfortable, scalable collaboration environment for you and your classmates.

Huddle Spaces with Air Media Display
Through AirMedia technology there are several large screen monitors and one projection screen where you can present your desktop screen to others directly from your laptop. Please see the instructions available onsite.

Flexible Classroom Projection Display
The Innovation Center offers several classrooms configured to allow instructors to display student(s) desktops on various presentation screens for easy display sharing. This tool is particularly conducive to critiques and individual project reviews.

Photography Classroom
The Innovation Center offers a specially designed room for photographic printing. These printers are maintained by Learning Space Operations staff on a weekly basis to assure reliable print quality. This classroom also features monitors on each workstation, specially calibrated to match your photo output. For more information about photographic labs please see additional details on our website. Note that print access is restricted to Photography majors.

Laptop Checkout
There are 40 Mac laptops available for checkout for up to four hours from room 606. These laptops are dual platform (Mac/PC operating systems) and include: wireless print capability on Learning Space printers, access to ‘newschool’ wireless network, AirMedia drivers for easy display on Innovation Center Huddle Space monitors, and wireless scanning drivers for use with large format Innovation Center scanners. All you need is your NewCard to check one out and you’re set to go. For more information please see the details.

Community Lockers
Have too much stuff with you? Get comfortable and unload your bulky items in the Innovation Center’s self-managed lockers for general use. Simple to use and secure, you don’t have to be kicking your bags under the table while you are working here.

4k Resolution Television Monitor
High-definition television monitor resolution is composed of about two million pixels. 4K (Ultra High Definition) television monitors on the other hand have over eight million pixels. This means 4K has about four times more resolution than a standard high definition television, and produces a clearer picture. One such 4k television is now available in room 611 in the Innovation Center. Stop in when the room is open and see for yourself.

Rolling Monitor Display
There are several large monitors equipped with a rolling stand so that you can bring it wherever you need it. Available and ready for use, an assistant in the room 606 reception desk checkout area can assist you onsite, and help you to set up the device for your use. For more information please see the linked details.

DegreeWorks Single Sign-On

Beginning today, Information Technology is happy to offer more fluid access to DegreeWorks so that you can more easily access information about how you are progressing through your degree program. Before today, you had to enter your NetID and password each and every time you wanted to login. Now, if you are already logged into an application that uses single sign-on (MyNewSchool, Google Apps, Canvas…) you will be automatically signed in to your DegreeWorks profile.

If you are unfamiliar with The New School’s single sign-on, it is recommended that you take a quick look at this story we published back in January 2015 with our initial rollout of single sign-on on a number of core university applications, including MyNewSchool, Google Apps, Canvas among others. This story provides a good overview of single sign-on, detailing what it is, how it works, and what you can expect.

Backup Your Final Projects and Term Papers

Light BulbYou have put a lot of work into your final projects and term-papers. Now make sure that you have a reliable backup in case a file is accidentally deleted, or a technical problem with your computer won’t let you access your files. One simple backup method is to use the storage space in your New School Google Apps account, which was recently equipped with unlimited storage (individual file sizes up to 5TB).

Every New School student, as well as every faculty and staff member, has access to Google Drive, with up to 30GB of storage. This storage is perfect for saving class files, projects and papers. Simply upload files to New School Google Drive, and you can be sure you will have an easily accessible backup copy of your work.

For more information and additional recommend methods for backing up your data see our Information Security Handbook.

Protecting Your Laptop During Finals

During finals your laptop is likely to get heavy use. The last thing you have time for is computer repair. Follow these tips to help safeguard your computer hardware and avoid damage:

  • Power down when on the move. Dont leave your laptop powered up while transporting it from place to place. It can damage the hard drive. Better to turn it off or set your computer to sleep mode.
  • Carry your laptop around in a case. This will guard your machine against damage.
  • Watch the wires! If you tend to keep your computer connected to a power adapter, be careful of where the cables are fed/located. You don't want anyone (yourself included) to trip and hurt themselves or your computer.
  • Be careful with your coffee! While good fuel for late night study sessions, even a little bit of liquid can cause damage to your laptop. Avoid picking your laptop up by its screen. This can eventually lead to a breaking of the hinges that attach the screen to the keyboard.
  • Do not leave CDs/DVDs in the optical drive. The disk could get loose inside the drive, and damage either your laptop or scratch the disk itself.
  • Avoid placing heavy objects (such as a stack of books) on top of your computer even while it is closed. Excessive weight can crack your screen of break the computer’s case. Further, don’t rest your laptop on top of a stack of books. Take the time to clear a level stable spot for your laptop on a desk or table.


Lab Hours During Finals


 It is that time of year again and the operational hours for eduServices Learning Spaces will again be extended to accommodate you during the final weeks of the term.

The Arnhold Hall learning space at 55 West 13th Street 8th floor will be open 24 hours starting evening of Sunday May 3, 2015 ending on the morning of Monday May 18,2015.

Later close time
Learning Spaces at 63 Fifth Avenue, Room 432 will be open until 1:00 a.m. from Monday May 4,2015 until the morning of Monday May 18, 2015.

Please see our full lab hours calendar for expanded details of lab hours scheduling.

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