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Summer Lab Hours

The Edu Services’ Labs continue to remain open through July, but note that the open hours schedule is different from the open hours of operation maintained through the Fall and Spring terms. Please view the Lab Hours schedule and plan accordingly.

Please note that the Arnhold Hall Labs are closed Friday and Saturday July 4, 2014 and July 5, 2014.

New mobile apps for Google Docs

Google-Drive-iconGoogle Docs, Sheets, and Slides have been updated on both mobile and desktop platform. With Google’s recent release, you can now work on any document, at any time, on any device, both with and without an Internet connection with new Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

For more information see the Google blog.

Keep Your Applications Up to Date

infosecurityOperating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X come with large complements of application programs. Nonetheless, most people will install other applications besides those that came with the operating system: web browsers, word processors, spreadsheets, music managers, media players, games, ... the list is endless. Although the makers of these applications try to produce quality products, it's a fact of life that, from time to time, defects, or "bugs," will be discovered. Although some application software includes functionality that checks for bug fixes (usually called security patches) and installs them automatically, most do not. Instead, the application creators release new versions of the software, which you have to download and install to obtain the fixes. Keeping your applications up-to-date is just as important as updating your operating system; if you don't, it's much more likely that your computer could be infected with malicious software (viruses, worms, etc.) or accessed by a hacker. This is especially true of web browsers and streaming media players such as Flash and Quicktime.

See more information in our Security Handbook to learn how to keep your software up-to-date.

Improved accessibility, editing and ease of use in Google Sites

GoogleAppsLogoGoogle has released some accessibility improvements to your New School Google Apps Sites, ranging from new keyboard shortcuts for editors (like Alt+Shift+F for opening the editor toolbar) to better viewing experiences for readers. When editing your Google App Sites you can now also set image width to 100% of the screen width and easily customize the font, color, and size of lower-level headers (H2, H3, and H4 tags).

For more information see Google’s keyboard shortcuts listing.

New date picker in Gmail advanced search

Gmail_IconGoogle has recently added date picker to the advanced search function in your New School Google Apps Mail. This enhancement makes it easy to select a date range and narrow your search.

For more information about how to use the search features available in Google Apps, check out some of Google’s online tutorials, and this list of advanced operators.

Resource Highlight: The Voiceover Booth

The i818-Voiceover booth is a recording space designed for vocal audio recording such as voiceovers or dialogue replacement. This space must be used in conjunction with either i820-Audio03 or i817-Audio04, both of which can function as a "control room" for your recording session. In addition to audio recording, the configuration allows you to send an extended desktop view from the "control room" Mac station to a monitor in the booth. There is also headphone monitoring (using a headphone breakout box available at the Equipment Center) and talkback communication. This recording space is not connected to and cannot be used with any other audio or video suite.

To learn more about the voiceover booth, please visit the Audio section of our website.

Adobe Creative Cloud for All

The Creative Cloud suite is now available free to all currently registered New School students, staff, and faculty. In addition, students graduating this month will have free access to these programs for one year. Creative Cloud includes useful industry-standard applications like Acrobat, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

To access Creative Cloud, log in to MyNewSchool and click on the appropriate tab (Student or Employee). Scroll down to the Adobe section and follow the instructions for installing the software on your computer.

Faculty and staff should contact the IT Helpdesk to install Creative Cloud on their work computers. They can also install Creative Cloud for one year on one home machine. Faculty and staff must remove these programs from their home machines when they leave the university.

Graduating students have three months from May 23 to download Creative Cloud, which can be used free for one year from the date of download. You can also access Creative Cloud through the Student tab of MyNewSchool. With so many of our students, alumni, faculty, and staff engaged in creative work, we are offering this free package of Cloud-based media software with the aim of enriching the academic experience, enhancing staff outcomes, and helping recent graduates advance in their careers. We also hope that these programs provide an extra boost for end-of-semester projects, whatever they may be.

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