Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that administrators and faculty will receive an individual license for Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud. How will staff and faculty download the software?
You can download your Home-Use subscription through your MyNewSchool account. See the Download Instructions for details.

How will students download software?
Students can download new software through MyNewSchool. All students can download Acrobat XI and the full Creative Cloud will also be available in this initial roll-out to students registered in the following programs.

  • BFA Dramatic Arts (Drama)
  • Media Studies (NMDS 5008, 5426, 5427)
  • BA/BFA Freshmen (Lang and Parsons)
  • BFA, BBA and BS Freshmen (Parsons)
  • BA Culture and Media Majors (Lang)
  • BA Interdisciplinary Science Majors (Lang)

Should administrators and faculty use their individual license for Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud to install Adobe software on university computers?
No. To have Adobe Creative Cloud applications installed on a university office computer, please contact the Help Desk at 212.229.5300 x2828, or by email at

How much storage do I have in the Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud?
Everyone will have 2G of storage in the cloud.

On how many devices may I install my Adobe Creative Cloud application)s)?
You home use subscription allows you to download and install your Adobe application(s) on up to two devices.

How do I access my Creative Cloud files?
Login to the Creative Cloud website using your Adobe ID information and click on the “Files” tab.

Is it possible for me to suspend my personal Adobe Cloud account?
No, Adobe does not have this option available.

I have already purchased a Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, how can I return it and keep my files?
This varies based on your method of purchase.

  • Retail Purchase: Cancellations are based on the purchased plan; please reach out to your retailer to learn how you can cancel your subscription.
  • Adobe Online Store: Contact Adobe support, Inform Adobe that you are canceling your subscription because the university is making a volume license account available to you.
  • Retaining Files: Users can just copy the entire contents of their creative cloud to a local drive. These files can be uploaded to your new cloud space.

Can New School Restricted or Confidential information be stored in the Adobe cloud?
The cloud-based storage included with Adobe Creative Cloud is NOT appropriate for storing New School Restricted or Confidential information of any kind. In particular, student education records and personally identifiable information about employees, students, or alumni must never be stored in the Adobe cloud.

For more information, see General Controls for Handling Sensitive Information.

For how long is the redemption code/product key valid?
Once you have been given your redemption code/product key, you have 31 days of access to your download. After that time, you will no longer be able to download the Adobe software.