Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the software?
You can download your Home-Use subscription through your MyNewSchool account. See the Download Instructions for details.

Should administrators and faculty use their individual license for Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud to install Adobe software on university computers?
No. To have Adobe Creative Cloud applications installed on a university office computer, please contact IT Central at 212.229.5300 HELP (x4357), or by email at

How much storage do I have in the Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud?
Everyone will have 2G of storage in the cloud.

On how many devices may I install my Adobe Creative Cloud application)s)?
Your home use subscription allows you to download and install your Adobe application(s) on up to two devices.

How do I access my Creative Cloud files?
Login to the Creative Cloud website using your Adobe ID information and click on the “Files” tab.

Is it possible for me to suspend my personal Adobe Cloud account?
No, Adobe does not have this option available.

I have already purchased a Home-Use Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, how can I return it and keep my files?
This varies based on your method of purchase.

  • Retail Purchase: Cancellations are based on the purchased plan; please reach out to your retailer to learn how you can cancel your subscription.
  • Adobe Online Store: Contact Adobe support, Inform Adobe that you are canceling your subscription because the university is making a volume license account available to you.
  • Retaining Files: Users can just copy the entire contents of their creative cloud to a local drive. These files can be uploaded to your new cloud space.

Can New School Restricted or Confidential information be stored in the Adobe cloud?
The cloud-based storage included with Adobe Creative Cloud is NOT appropriate for storing New School Restricted or Confidential information of any kind. In particular, student education records and personally identifiable information about employees, students, or alumni must never be stored in the Adobe cloud.

For more information, see General Controls for Handling Sensitive Information.

For how long is the redemption code valid?
Once you have been given your redemption code/product key, you have 31 days of access to your download. After that time, you will no longer be able to download the Adobe software.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud available to graduating students?
Graduating students can access and use Adobe creative cloud subscription for up to one year after graduation. To take advantage of this offering, 2014 graduating students must register between August 23, 2014 and may use the software for up to one year following registration and receipt of the redemption code.

I am a Parsons do I know if my computer meets the specifications required by the Parsons curriculum, so that I can run Adobe applications?
Parsons students will want to download and downloading and run the Parsons Laptop Requirements Check application. This will allow you to see whether your laptop meets the specifications required by the Parsons curriculum.

Does my New School subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud expire?
Yes. The New School Adobe CC licenses are annual licenses. The subscription is good for one year after you redeem the code. You will be entitled to a new subscription as long as you remain a faculty member or a degree/credit seeking student registered for the current academic term at the New School .

What happens when my Adobe Creative Cloud expire?
When your subscription expires, the software license will go into trial mode. If you are entitled to a new code you will be able to redeem a new annual subscription.

How will I know when my subscription is ending?
You should expect to receive an email notification from Kivuto, the software distributor, regarding your subscription expiration as long as you have not opted out from receiving communications from them. Kivuto will communicate with you via the email address you used to create your Adobe account, so you must check the email account for the email from Kivuto.

I received a notification from Kivito that my Adobe CC license is expiring soon. What should I do?
You may redeem a new code for a new annual subscription, following the procedures outlined in the download instructions.

For how long is the redemption code valid?
For new subscriptions of Adobe Creative Cloud started on or after September 2014, the redemption code is valid for 2 years. For subscriptions of Adobe Acrobat Pro you must download the code within 31 days or get the extended access guaranteed option or extra fees for code redemption will apply.

Do I need to uninstall and re-install Adobe Creative Cloud on my computer in order to take advantage of my new annual subscription:
No, you don’t need to. The applications are tied to your Adobe ID so as long as you renew your subscription, the applications should continue to work.