Information Technology

Adobe Acrobat XI Download

All registered degree or credit-seeking students can download Acrobat XI.

Please note that the download and installation of your Adobe Acrobat XI software is a multi-step process. Please take your time and proceed carefully through the different steps.

How to order get your redeem code and download Adobe Acrobat XI from the Academic Software Center:

  1. Login to MyNewSchool.
  2. Select Services tab.
  3. Go to the Adobe Channel in lower left corner, review the Use Agreement and Terms, then click "I agree, continue download."
  4. Select Adobe Acrobat XI.
  5. Click the Adobe Acrobat XI product icon.
  6. Click the "Add to Cart Button."
  7. Click the Check Out button.
  8. On the following page click the Continue button.
  9. Enter you Order Information and click the Proceed with Order button.
  10. You will then be presented with your product key. Take note of this product key as you will need it later on in the installation process. After you have recorded your product key, click the Start Download button.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have been given your product, you have 31 days of access to your download.
  11. Download the Secure Download Manager (SDM)
  12. Locate the file from step 1 and run it to install the SDM
  13. When the SDM installation is complete you will then also have to download the .SDX file for your order.
  14. When the SDM launches, start downloading your software. If the SDM does not launch automatically, locate the and run the .SDX file on your computer.
  15. Click the Start Download button and monitor the download progress.
  16. Once the download is 100% complete, click the Launch button.
  17. If you are prompted to overwrite existing files, select "Overwrite" and click the Next button. This will replace any existing versions of Acrobat on your computer.
  18. When the files are ready, check the Launch Adobe Acrobat XI box and click the Next button.
  19. When prompted to select a language setting, select the desire language for your application.
  20. If prompted with a "Previous Version Warning" click the Continue button to uninstall a previous version during the installation.
  21. Confirm that you wish to uninstall the previous versions (if prompted).
  22. In the setup window, enter your User Name and Organization and select "I have a serial number." Then enter your product key in the Serial Number field and click the Next button.
  23. Review the Adobe License Activation notice and click the Next button.
  24. Select a setup type and click the Next button.
  25. Choose a destination folder and click the Next button.
  26. Click the Install button.
  27. When prompted to restart your machine, make sure all open files are saved and then restart your computer.
  28. When the restart is complete, launch the Adobe Acrobat XI and you will be prompted to agree to terms of use and register the software. If you do not have an Adobe ID, you will be prompted to create one. Use your New School email address.