EVENTS 2007 - 2008

Challenges of Meeting Quality Environmental Services for Katmandu Valley
with Deepak Tamang - Rubin Museum of Art - April 26, 2008.
Drawing on his three decades of experience working in Nepal's Himalayas in forest, watershed, conservation and rural development, Deepak Tamang of the World Forestry Institute discusses some of the most difficult issues his country is facing in forest resource management. 


China's Aid to Africa: Implications and International Perspectives
with Graduate Program for International Affairs - The New School University - April 25, 2008.
After decades of deficient Western policies to develop Africa, China's increasingly bold, no-strings approach to investment and aid in Africa attracts both cautious praise and withering criticism. Can China's aid to Africa be seen as an incipient new developmental model, a catalyst for prosperity, a deleterious neo-colonialist gambit, or elements of all three?  


Vision for a New Nepal: A Maoist Perspective  
with Dev Prasad Gurung, Hon. Minister of Local Development & Senior Member of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) - The New School University - April 22, 2008.
The preliminary results of the Constituent Elections in Nepal have shown unequivocally that the people have given a strong mandate to the Maoists to make bold changes for the future of Nepal. Amidst results that are still being finalized, critical questions arise for those living in or working on Nepal. What type of Federalism will the Maoists help bring about? How will the aspirations of marginalized communities for inclusive democracy become a reality?


India China Institute Fellows Residency and Conference 
New York City - March 14-28, 2008.
Drawing on two cohorts of our own fellows from all three counties, as well as a remarkable range of experts who have been researching issues of urbanization, globalization and growth in India and China, this Conference will determine a benchmark assessment of Chinese and Indian urbanization and wealth-formation, of the social and political risks associated with skyrocketing growth in two massive agrarian societies, of alternative designs for future development in each society and of the search, in both societies, for a “third way” of development that combines the virtues of socialism and capitalism without sacrificing the virtues of democracy and grassroots inclusion.


International Migration, Globalization and Development 
with Deepak Nayyar - The New School University - March 11, 2008.

The Rise of China and India: Implications for Developing Countries
with Deepak Nayyar - The New School University - March 13, 2008.


India's Changing Position in the World Political Economy
with Sanjay Reddy, moderated by Anwar Shaikh -
 The New School - February 22, 2008.


Shenzhen: On and Beyond China’s Fastest Growing City
A series of events on the many facets of Shenzhen, China, with the Graduate Program for International Affairs, Parsons Department of Architechture, Interior Design and Lighting (AIDL) and India China Institute - The New School University - February 13-27, 2008.


India and China: Changing Giants in The World System
with Sanjay Reddy and Jeffrey Wasserstrom - The New School - February 13, 2008. 


Global Implication of China’s Rapid Rise – Latin America
A symposium to discuss emerging relationships and implications of the re-emergence of China’s economy in Latin America.
  Co-organized with Graduate Program for International Affairs - The New School - February 7th, 2008.


Bad Samaritans - The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism 
A conversation with Ha-Joon Chang. Co-sponsored with Schwartz Center for Economic Policy and Analysis, Economics Department, and Graduate Program for International Affairs - The New School - January 29, 2008. 


Outsourcing as a Way of Life: Lessons from Shanghai
A discussion with Andrew Ross - The New School - December 11, 2007.


What Led to China’s Economic Growth
Discussion by Zhiwu Chen, Professor of Management, Yale School of Management, explores the determinants of China’s economic growth with Keith Abell and Salieh Neftci as discussants. Moderated by Benjamin Lee, Provost.  Co-sponsored with Graduate Program for International Affairs - The New School - December 6, 2007.


Indian Minds on the Way to the Bathroom 
Paromita Vohra
, speaks about her documentary Q2P, a “film about toilets and the city that sifts through the dream of Mumbai as a future Shanghai and searches for public toilets, watching who has to queue to pee.”  Co-sponsored with the Media Studies Program and Lang College - The New School - November 1, 2007.


Gauging Public Opinion: Polling and Social Work in China
A presentation by Victor Yuan, moderated by Jaheo Kang - The New School - October 30, 2007.


A Silk Road as a Metaphor: Research Workshop
A co-sponsored workshop with CUNY for developing research initiatives, involving several faculty members from The New School and outside scholars at CUNY, India, and China - CUNY - October 29, 2007.


Calm before the Storm? Perspectives on Continuing Crisis in Burma/Myanmar
A panel discussion with Sanjay Reddy, Kin Zaw Win, Anshin Nayake, Sara Davis. Co-sponsored with Graduate Program for International Affairs and TCDS - The New School - October 26th, 2007. 


The Beijing Olympics and the Global Media Event
A talk by Prof. Daniel Dayan and co-sponsored with Sociology Department - The New School - October 25, 2007.


Elections, Accountability, and Farmers’ Welfare in Chinese Villages
A talk by Yang Yao, moderated by David Plotke - The New School - October 25, 2007.


Urbanization and Globalization: Research Prospects at the ICI
A workshop involving eight faculty members from The New School discussed their research interests and opportunities fostered by India China Institute - The New School - October 22, 2007.


Beijing and New Delhi: Are Peripheries Becoming Central in Global Contemporary Art
A moderated panel framed by the Creative Cities documentary involving panelists Christophe Mao, Shukla SawantStuttgart Heike Arzápalo, and moderated by Paul Ross. Co-sponsored with Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts - The New School - October 9, 2007.


Nepal's Fragile Peace Process
An event co-sponsored with International Crisis Group, Rhoderick Chalmers discussed the recent events and challenges with Nepal's political development; moderated by Ashok Gurung - The New School - October 9th, 2007. 


Chat n’ Chai
A student lead informal initiative to exchange ideas and expand networking related to interests in India and China. At The New School - October 4, 2007.


A Great Transformation? Understanding India’s New Political Economy
research colloquium, co-sponsored with Columbia University and London School of Economics - Columbia University - September 14–16, 2007.


Inaugural China Field Study Program for International Affairs Students
India China Institute
, in collaboration with the Graduate Program in International Affairs, launched and helped manage (Ashok Gurung as Faculty Coordinator) the first-ever field program (8 weeks) for The New School students in mainland China. In partnership with the School of International Relations at Yunnan University, Kunming, China (July-August, 2007).

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