Carl Riskin

Distinguished Professor of Economics at Queens College, CUNY

Carl Riskin is Distinguished Professor of Economics at Queens College, CUNY. An expert on Maoist and post-Maoist economic development policies, Riskin is widely known for his research documenting widespread poverty and the growing income gap between rural and urban China. Riskin’s early work analyzed four decades of China’s economic development from the Revolution, through various phases of Maoist policy such as the “great leap forward,” to the inception of market-oriented reforms in the 1980s. His book, China’s Political Economy: The Quest for Development since 1949 (Oxford University Press, 1987) serves as the definitive study of the interrelations of politics, ideology, technology, and incentives in that nation’s recent economic history. He has produced development studies on China and other nations for the United Nations Development Programme, documenting the effects of globalization on Asian countries and the new republics of the former Soviet Union. Much of his recent work has been devoted to helping international agencies understand the challenges of the global economy. Riskin obtained his Ph.D. from the University of California in 1969 and has taught economics at Queens College since 1974. Among his many professional affiliations, he is a senior research scholar and adjunct professor at Columbia University’s Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

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