The India China Institute (ICI) was established at The New School in 2004 through a generous gift from the Starr Foundation. With visionary leadership from The New School president Bob Kerrey and founding endowed professors Benjamin Lee and Arjun Appadurai, ICI began to form a core professional team and forge partnerships in India and China.

At the core of ICI's activities in the India China Fellowship Program. Conceived as a two-year trilateral collaboration between India, China, and The New School, the program nurtures emerging leaders from academia, civil society, and the public and private sectors. Since 2006, three cohorts of fellows, numbering 37, have engaged in debates and explored solutions to challenging issues through programs such as Urbanization and Globalization, Prosperity and Inequality, and Social Innovation for Sustainable Environments. The fellowship program presents a unique array of opportunities unavailable at more traditional think tanks and research centers. In addition, funds from the Starr Foundation enable small travel and research funds for undergraduate and graduate students to study and conduct research in India and/or China.

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