• Staffing Services

    Online Employment Site

    The Office of Human Resources has implemented an online employment application system to automate the university’s recruitment of faculty and staff members. Hiring managers can log on to create requisitions, view applications, and select final candidates by accessing the online employment site.

    Career and Advancement Opportunities

    The university supports employees who wish to advance their careers. To find out what positions are available at the university, employees should consult job announcements posted in departments and visit the online employment site.

    In-House Temp Pool

    The Office of Human Resources maintains an in-house pool of temporary employees to provide short-term relief workers in the area of office support. Individuals from the in-house temp pool are employed on a per diem basis, earning between $15 and $19 per hour based on experience. They do not receive any benefits. If you are interested in contracting an in-house temp and/or if you know of a good candidate for the pool, please contact Giovana Smith.