Interview Training: Essential Tips for Managers who are Hiring New Staff, Nov 2012

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

One of the most important responsibilities for managers at The New School is the selection of the right talent to support their team. While resumes and cover letters provide important information about potential candidates, the initial face-to-face interview between the hiring manager and the candidate provides the real "make it or break it" decision in the hiring process. This workshop will help managers learn to conduct meaningful, powerful, and legally appropriateinterviews that reveal whether candidates have the traits and characteristics needed to be successful. The techniques provided will be valuable for interviews for jobs at all levels at The New School. The workshop will provide information on how to conduct behavioral interviews, what questions are legally restricted, what to say to build on the candidate's interest, and how to listen to responses to accurately assess a candidate's skills and behaviors. 

79 Fifth Avenue , Room 1828

Seating availability is limited. RSVP to Mary Grueser at GrueserM@

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