Paid Academic Leave

Part-time assistant and part-time associate teaching professors with annual, multiyear, or grandparented status who have not received a paid academic leave during a six (6) year period prior to applying for a paid academic leave are eligible for paid academic leave.

A paid academic leave is for one (1) semester. A maximum of 50 faculty members will be given paid academic leaves per academic year. Of these, not more than 50 percent will be granted to part-time assistant professors.

Part-time lecturers (probationary or post-probationary status) are not eligible for Article XVIII paid academic leave.

Part-time faculty members who have questions about this policy or any other leave of absence should email

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid academic leaves are provided so that eligible part-time faculty may pursue professional or academic research projects.

To apply, an eligible part-time faculty member must complete an Article XVIII Paid Academic Leave Form (pdf) and submit the completed form to Tricina Stallings in the Office of Human Resources, according to the timeline outlined in the FAQ question: "When should part-time faculty members request an Article XVIII paid academic leave?" Electronic submissions are preferable.

The deadline for requesting a paid academic leave during Academic Year 2014-2015 is February 7, 2014. Questions regarding paid academic leaves should be sent to Tricina Stallings, at

The Office of Human Resources will send an email by April 11, 2014 (to the faculty member's New School email account) informing the faculty member whether his/her request for leave during Academic Year 2014-15 has been granted or denied.

Paid academic leaves are granted based on seniority and weighted by school. In a department/program of fewer than ten faculty members, one faculty member will be eligible for paid academic leave in any given semester. In a department/program of more than ten faculty members, no more than 10 percent of the faculty in the  department/program will be eligible to receive a paid academic leave in any semester.

Yes. If the faculty member elects not to discontinue his/her health and/or dental care insurance coverage while on leave, deductions for the employee's share of the premiums will continue to be taken from the faculty member's pay during the period of the leave.

Faculty members with summer base loads may apply for paid academic leave in the summer.  The procedure to apply is the same as described in the FAQ question: "How do part-time faculty members request an XVIII paid academic leave?"

Part-time faculty members must return to teaching at the university in the semester following the period of paid academic leave and submit a one-page report to the Office of Human Resources giving evidence of the academic work accomplished while on leave. A faculty member may be asked to give a more detailed presentation on his or her project at the discretion of the university.

The New School will pay a part-time faculty member on paid academic leave the same pay that the faculty received from the university in the same semester during the previous academic year plus any applicable across-the-board increase.

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