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Foundation Giving Highlights

The New School secures grants and gifts from some of the nation's most respected private foundations. New School students and faculty use these awards to carry out meaningful work in the social sciences, design, public policy, and more. Here are a few of the recent projects made possible by our foundation partners:

AMD Foundation

(May 2011, $54,393)

Through funding from both AMD Foundation and new partner ADEC (The Abu Dhabi Education Council), Parsons conducted an Activate! Game Design workshop and facilitator training in Abu Dhabi, UAE in July 2011. The Activate! program provides opportunities for the youth of Abu Dhabi to strengthen their skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and creative design skills by teaching them to create digital video games around social issues.

Angelo Donghia Foundation ($120,000, February 2011) 

Thanks to this generous gift, Parsons is able to recruit the very best students by offering entering students competitive scholarships for the recently-launched MFA Interior Design program.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York ($380,000, July 2010)

The Journal Donation Project is an ongoing effort to expand the research and teaching capabilities of countries throughout the world through access to scholarly journal archives and up-to-date research information. Thanks to the Carnegie Corporation's generous two-year grant, libraries in Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Africa are better able to gain access to and participate in the global intellectual community. 

Donor's Education Collaborative (January 2011, $150,000)

The generosity of the Donor's Education Collaborative, a fund administered by the New York Community Trust, has helped the Center for New York City Affairs launch an ambitious new project to reshape New York City's public school accountability system by creating an alternative report card for city schools. This initiative provides parents, students, and communities with better tools for judging each school's strengths and weaknesses and which schools are best preparing students for college and the workplace.

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation (June 2011, $400,000)

This gift was awarded to Mannes College The New School for Music. Among other key priorities, the funds have been put toward the Goldmark Practice Center, a student facility, and The Goldsmith Foundation Award, a housing assistance program for Mannes students.

Institute for New Economic Thinking ($186,570, May 2011 and $83,259, July 2011)

At the vanguard of critical economic thinking, the Institute for Economic Thinking is generously supporting associate professor Sanjay Reddy's work on a new book, Economics: Value Neutral or Value Entangled?, which will examine the role of value judgments in economics, and Professor Anwar Shaikh's new book, Turbulent Dynamics and Hidden Patterns.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (June 2010, $92,500)

In partnership with the New York Community Trust, the Knight Foundation has made a substantial investment in Feet in Two Worlds, a journalism project at the Center for New York City Affairs. Through training and mentoring immigrant journalists, Feet in Two Worlds brings new voices into the discussions of immigration, globalization and transnational culture. The award-winning program gives public radio listeners a unique window into the lives of immigrant communities while helping immigrant journalists advance their careers.

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (November 2010, $75,000)

The MacArthur Foundation gave a generous grant to support Mobility Shifts: An International Future of Learning Summit. This is The New School's year-long project to study the potential of mobile applications for learning throughout the world, which will culminate in a major international conference and exhibition in October 2011.

James S. McDonnell Foundation ($207,231, May 2011)

Over a three-year period following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, professor of psychology William Hirst and others examined "flashbulb" memories of the event—the vivid recollection of where people were and what they were doing when they first learned of the attacks. Supported by this generous grant, Professor Hirst and colleagues can follow up on that original study and explore how those memories have changed over time, offering a rare and unique insight into the character of emotional memories and the purpose they serve; the impact of public events on memory; and the complex connection of memory to individual and collective identity, among other explorations.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (September 2010, $314,000)

The New School is grateful to the Mellon Foundation for its support of a two-year curricular collaboration between Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts and the American University of Paris designed to foster the development and implementation of model programs in global literary studies, transnational cultural studies, and comparative urban and immigration studies that capitalize on the geographic specificity and curricular richness of each institution. 

The New York Community Trust (June 2011, $186,000)

This grant enables Parsons to increase enrollment in its Pre-College Scholars program and provides additional annual scholarships to Pre-College Scholars who gain admission to a Parsons undergraduate program. Since 1997, Parsons' Pre-College Scholars Program has been effectively addressing the social and financial barriers that prevent New York City's underserved populations from pursuing higher education. The program enrolls low-income students from local public high schools in a three-year course of art and design college preparation. This program is designed to increase the number of low-income teens who complete high school and successfully enroll in college with the skills they need to graduate.

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (September 2010, $950,000)

Thanks to the tremendous partnership with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Center for New York City Affairs is applying its strengths in applied research, analysis, and information dissemination to managing, an independent guide to New York City public schools utilized by parents, principals, and young people. The center is broadening the already large network of users who rely on the site as an essential information source as is working to  make the site more accessible to parents with limited English literacy.

The Harold and Mimi Steinberg Charitable Trust (June 2011, $100,000)

This grant was awarded to The New School for Drama to support the Harold and Mimi Steinberg Playwriting Fellowships, which support two exceptional graduate students over three years of study to complete an MFA in playwriting.

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