Alvin Johnson President's Council

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In 1921, Alvin Johnson became the founding president of a small, eccentric experiment in higher education, born at a moment in history when tradition was being challenged on many fronts. This experiment was The New School, where students could seek to understand the world around them and experience civic engagement. Today, although The New School has grown into a comprehensive university with nearly 10,000 students, it continues to embody the values of its founders.

Alvin Johnson President’s Council members serve as an informal advisory cabinet for the president, attending select lectures, meetings, and private events. The experiences and views of Alvin Johnson President’s Council members are invaluable in shaping one of the most exciting and innovative universities in the country—The New School.

As a member, you will be prominently recognized in school literature; but most importantly, you will know that you have had an active part in making a positive difference in the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

The New School invites you to join this society of university friends and volunteer leaders by making an Annual Fund gift at the $25,000 level.

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