• Parents, Families, and Friends

    A student’s undergraduate years are a time of intellectual expansion and personal reflection—a time to broaden one’s world view. The New School also sees it as a time for parents to join the university’s community.

    Parents play vital roles in volunteer committees, as members of parent advisory councils, and on boards of governors. They also open their homes for regional alumni events that bring The New School spirit to locations outside of New York.

    Many parents choose to support The New School financially. Parent gifts at all levels provide very real advantages to current students. These donations reinforce the ethos that all members of the New School community can help the university achieve its long-term goals. The New School honors the parents of our current students. We are grateful for all that you do.

    Every year The New School hosts its largest reception for parents of incoming students during orientation weekend. Hundreds of parents gather with university deans and other members of the administration. The event welcomes new families to the New School community and provides them with an excellent opportunity to hear directly from the deans, meet one another, chat with faculty members, and learn more about the intellectual and creative communities at The New School.