Tishman Environmental Merit Scholars Program

Tishman Environmental Merit Scholars

The Tishman Environmental Merit Scholars Program

Several Environmental Studies students are selected annually to participate in this program. Together with a select group of students from across the country, the Tishman Environmental Merit Scholars engage in conservation research, develop environmental education programs, work on grassroots campaigns to advance pro-environment policies, and support programs to foster sustainable development in communities throughout the state. Tishman Merit Scholars receive

  • a paid 12-week summer internship in Alaska in Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula
  • Tuition scholarship for four credits of independent study
  • roundtrip airfare from New York City to Anchorage

This program is co-sponsored by The New School and the Alaska Conservation Foundation. The sponsored internships are with major organizations dedicated to protecting the natural resources and cultural heritage of America’s last great wilderness. In past years, Lang students have worked for the Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF), the National Wildlife Federation, and the Alaska Conservation Alliance, among others.

A Wonderful Opportunity for Serious and Committed Students

  • Study firsthand the magnificent natural environments and diverse cultures of Alaska
  • Work with leading organizations helping preserve and protect these environments and cultures
  • Gain invaluable job experience in environmental protection, community work, and not-for-profit management
  • Meet and network with naturalists, conservationists, public service professionals, Alaskans from many walks of life, and other students
  • Receive four credits for independent study and report the results of your research project at a public presentation to the New School community

Support in Alaska: The Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF) manages and operates the summer internships and supports Tishman Scholars by conducting an orientation for interns upon arrival in Alaska, serving as a liaison and resource for the interns and host organizations, and arranging opportunities for interns to meet each other and Alaskans. Host organizations arrange comfortable and convenient housing for their interns (specific amenities may vary depending on location).

Tishman Scholars' Responsibilities: If selected for this honor you commit yourself to 1) A one-credit independent study course in the spring semester prior to the internship, involving a series of readings directed by the Tishman Merit Scholars Program coordinator; 2) The 12-week internship in Alaska; 3) A one-credit independent study course in the fall semester following the internship, in which you will research, write, and present an academic paper based on your internship; 4) Three approved Environmental Studies courses (12 credits) to be taken in the semester before and/or the year after the internship.

Tishman Scholarship Prerequisites: some background in environmental studies, conservation advocacy, or a related field, including at least two previous Environmental Studies courses completed with grades of B or better; cumulative current GPA of at least 3.0, with no transcript grades of F, WF, or Incomplete.

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