Environmental Studies degrees at The New School are liberal arts programs. The graduates of these programs have the breadth of knowledge and critical capabilities to work in many capacities in the commercial, not-for-profit, and government sectors. Our degrees empower graduates to be agents of environmental change who are well qualified to grow into different positions over the course of a career centered on sustainable urban futures.

It seems clear that as communities move comprehensively toward sustainability, an increasing number of existing professions will develop "sustainability" tracks, and many new kinds of jobs will be created. New School graduates will have the design thinking, systems thinking and spatial thinking required to convene and manage teams of experts to tackle complex urban environmental problems in existing and yet to emerge career positions.

Examples of Environmental Studies Graduates' Trajectories







Non-Governmental Organization




Urban Parks Manager

Open Space Planner

Landscape Designer

Environmental Impact Assesser


Health Department Policymaker

 Healthy School Food Advocate

Food System Consultant

Disparities in access to fresh food


Water Conservation Planner

River/Bay Keeper

 Grey-Water System Designer

Industrial River Contamination Remediation

Built Environment

Energy Conservation Program Manager

Public Housing Sustainablility Manager

Green Developer

Research methods of achieving passive sustainability


Designer of Extended Producer Responsibility Programs

Green Consumer Reporter/ Writer

Sustainable Bran Innovation Consultant

Remanufacturing Life Cycle Assessment


Bicycle planner for Department of Transportation

 Mass Transit Advocate

Ride-Sharing entrepreneur

Study innovative transit-oriented development

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