Students pursuing an Environmental Studies degree will use New York City and the surrounding region as their laboratory. All are required to complete a summer internship that provides valuable experience applying the concepts they learn in the classroom to environmental problem solving. The internship program also gives students opportunity to interact with a variety of professionals, agencies and future colleagues. The fieldwork that students complete in their internships serves as the basis for a Directed Research Project in the student's senior year. Students work with their professors to identify fieldwork experiences that match their interests and abilities.

In the past, students have interned in organizations working on

  • forest restoration
  • green roofs
  • urban agriculture
  • service design
  • sustainable business
  • environmental education
  • sustainable fashion design
  • solar technology
  • oyster restoration
  • landscape architecture
  • environmental art
  • environmental pollution
  • waste management
  • renewable energy policy
  • urban mapping

From 2009 through 2011, support from the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor foundation has supported student internships in a wide variety of agencies and organizations in the NYC metropolitan area.

The generous support of Mr. John Tishman enables two or three New School students each year to serve as interns in Alaska through a program run by the Alaska Conservation Foundation.

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