The Environmental Studies degrees are truly interdisciplinary and involve several divisions of the university. All BA and BS degree students in Environmental Studies take classes offered by Parsons, Lang, and The New School for Public Engagement, including design studios, science labs, and seminars. By taking courses in sustainable design, urban ecosystem science and the social sciences, students gain important insights into the ecology and conditions of urban environments and learn how to diagnose problems and find solutions. Qualified students in the program are can take graduate-level courses in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management offered by the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy.

The Environmental Studies major for both the BA and the BS degrees includes coursework in sustainable design, urban ecosystem science, and the social sciences. Bachelor of Arts students can choose to concentrate in Urban Ecosystems or Environment, Society and Public Policy. Bachelor of Science students have the option of concentrating in either Urban Ecosystems or Sustainable Design. Both degree programs are cross-disciplinary and include fieldwork, internships, and collaborative final projects.

These degree programs take advantage of The New School's location in New York City, which, because of its size, history, diversity, and dynamism, presents examples of most of the environmental problems faced by all cities around the world. Being New York City, it is also a great source of solutions. For every environmental problem here, there are dozens of entrepreneurial businesses, government agencies, and activist community groups responding in various ways. Environmental Studies at the New School offers students access to the people who are devoting their creative energy to making New York City a more resilient and livable environment.

Nearly all courses feature guest lecturers from and/or field trips to visit relevant local institutions. Many courses are formally partnered with outside organizations so that our students can learn about urban environmentalism and sustainable design in the context of the current problems of concern to those institutions and have opportunities to work alongside practitioners and help them achieve their missions.

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