Material Safety Data Sheet Library


Be informed before working with hazardous materials. Start by reading the container label and reviewing the product's (Material) Safety Data Sheet, or (M)SDS. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that the manufacturer or distributor of a hazardous material create the (M)SDS to inform the end user about the chemical's hazards. The (M)SDS includes emergency contact numbers and information on chemical properties, hazards, necessary safety precautions, disposal and storage requirements, and emergency spill and fire procedures.

OSHA also requires that the (M)SDS for each hazardous chemical at a workplace be readily available. The New School maintains an online (M)SDS library to ensure that employees and students can find the (M)SDS for products used on campus. Several areas, including Parsons shops and the Lang Interdisciplinary Science Lab, maintain binders of (M)SDS for hazardous materials in their areas.

Below are the (M)SDS links by location or department. Note: You must be logged in to your New School email account in order to view these files.


To request assistance with finding an (M)SDS, send an email to EHS

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