Training on various safety and environmental topics is available through Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).  Training is often required to comply with OSHA regulations and ensure workers are well informed about workplace hazards (e.g., chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, etc.) and how to mitigate them.  It is also necessary for certain regulated environmental practices (e.g., waste management) that would negatively impact the environment if left unchecked.

EHS tailors the training to the needs of the trainees including scheduling, format, class size, and details relevant to the topic.  Call x5456 to inquire about upcoming training sessions or to request training.  

For those with busy schedules, web-based training may be a better option.  Currently web-based training is available for Parsons employees who work with hazardous chemicals.*

Hazard Communication Training

Begin the 45-minute Hazard Communication training.


Parsons employees for which this training is required must contact EHS to request access to the training through Blackboard so that a record of the training can be generated and arrangements are made for compensation, if applicable.

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