First Look 2007

The New School for Drama’s Workshop Performance Series

Be exposed to the heart and the soul of a play!
FIRST LOOK is a unique performance series featuring presentations of classical and contemporary works staged in a final rehearsal atmosphere, using minimal sets, lights, costumes, and props.

A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY (after Turgenev)
by Brian Friel
Adapted from Ivan Turgenev

October 10 – 13, 2007

The place is the country estate of the Islayevs, a wealthy Russian family; the time the middle of the nineteenth century. It is summer, and the lives of the family and their entourage reflect the bored indolence so characteristic of the aristocracy of the time. However conflict arises when Natalya, the lady of the house, conceives an infatuation for Belyayev, her young son's tutor, and finds herself in competition with her seventeen year-old ward, Vera – who is also smitten with the engaging, if ingenuous, young man. Moved by her emotions, but fearful of compromising her position, Natalya nevertheless manages to upset the others in the household. Relationships are tangled and crisis swells as their lives of gentle ease are shaken by this brief and unlikely flicker of passion.

by Arthur Miller
directed by Brian Cichocki

October 24 – 27, 2007

Winner of the 1953 Tony Award for Best Play, this exciting drama about the Puritan purge of witchcraft in old Salem is both a gripping historical play and a timely parable of contemporary society. Farmer John Proctor and his wife Elizabeth are accused by their young servant-girl, Abigail, of practicing witchcraft. The girl, who is also in love with Proctor, maliciously causes his wife's arrest, forcing him to bring the girl to court to admit the lie – and it is here that the monstrous course of bigotry and deceit is terrifyingly depicted. One of Miller’s many plays of intense personal conviction, THE CRUCIBLE brings into urgently brilliant focus an issue that still weighs heavily on society today – the problem of guilt by association.

by William Shakespeare
directed by Austin Pendleton

December 12 – 15, 2007

It’s the summer solstice, a full moon rises, and mischief is afoot. In an enchanted wood, four lovers flee Athens, unaware that their romantic squabbles and parental difficulties will soon be overshadowed by magic. The King and Queen of the fairies, Titania and Oberon, pit their wits and wills against one another, turning them into libidinous lunatics, while Titania herself falls in love with a buffoon turned ass. Throw in a group of simple rustics rehearsing a play and a mischievous fairy named Puck, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM is a hilarious romp that proves "the course of true love never did run smooth."

Each presentation runs
Wednesday through Saturday
with performances at 8:00 P.M. and a
Saturday matinee at 3:00 P.M.

The New School for Drama Theater
151 Bank Street, 3rd Floor
New York City

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