For Architects and Contractors

Security Standards Cutsheets [+]


Access Control System Cut Sheets


ACSI Electric Hinges and Pivots:

Installation Instructions, Series 1100 Electric

and Hinges and Pivots



Altronix Maxim Access Power Controllers

Direct UPS Line Interactive UPS:

Vesta PRO Line Interactive UPS

Eclipse Integrated Security Suite:

Dual Door Module, Eclipse700Brochure,Input Control Module,Output Control Module and System Processor Module


Fastlane Optical Turnstiles:

Fastlane Catalog

HID Card Reader:

Proxpoint Plus Reader

Honeywell Request-to-Exit PIR:

Request-to-Exit PIR

Securitron Magnetic Locks, Pushbuttons, Keyswitches:

Securitron Catalog

Stanley Electromechanical Locks:

Electromechanical Locks

Burglar Alarm Systems Cut Sheets



ASC Dual Temperature Sensor, ASC Indoor Sirens and Speakers and FlexGaurd Glassbread Detectors



HID ProxPro Card Reader:

HID ProxPro Card Reader


995-Honeywell Security & Communication, Hold-up Devices and Honeywell Staggered T Contact


CCTV & DVR System Cut Sheets


CCTV Systems:

AGN Pro Security, Altronix CCTV Power Supply, Digital Sprite CCTV

DVR Systems:

Direct UPS Vesta Line Interactive UPS and Sony Minidome Camera


Intercom System

Wiring Cut Sheets

Seidle Video Intercom Set

Belden Multi-Conductor Cables and Standard Analog Video Cable


Restroom Standards [+]



Bath Tissue

  Bath Tissue Dispenser JRT, Single Jumbo-Roll Surface Roll-Mounted Toilet Tissue Dispenser

and Bath Tissue Dispenser Coreless



Hand Towel

Hand Dryers

Hand Towel Dispensers and Hand Towel Unit Specification


Hand Washing

Paper Towel

Hand Washing Faucets
  Paper Towel Dispensers



Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers

Design Guidelines [+]



Design Guidelines

Contractor Code of Conduct[+]



Contractor Code of Conduct    

Carpeting Standards [+]


Entry Level

General Purpose



Vinyl Composition Tiled

AV - IT - Tele - Data [+]



Wiring Standards

 Note: For each project there is an additional specification required.Please check in prior to completion of the specifications for any project. Wiring contractors must submit Attachment B and C tables for all telephone jacks. 


Construction and Demolition Waste Specifications[+]


Waste Specifications

Waste Specifications
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