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Social Research is published by the Johns Hopkins University Press. For information about print or print+online subscriptions, please visit the JHUP/Social Research website or contact customer service at jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu or 800.548.1784. A limited number of print back issues are available through the JHUP website.

Social Research is also available online through Project Muse and JSTOR.

We ceased support for our MetaPress website on June 30, 2014. If you purchased digital content between 2002 and 2013 and did not download it before the MetaPress site went offline, please contact our editorial office at socres@newschool.edu to receive a digital copy of the volumes you purchased.

Back Issues and Single Articles (2013 and earlier)

Individual articles and a limited number of back issues will still be available through our office until our supplies sell out. Visit tinyurl.com/socresonline to find out about availability and to order print issues or individual articles in PDF format.

Agents/booksellers: Contact JHU Press at jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu about subscriptions and all single-issue purchases of Vol. 81 and following issues. For earlier issues, please contact our editorial office about availability and discounts.


No portion of Social Research may be reproduced by any process or technique without the formal consent of the publisher. Copies for personal or internal use may be made through the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). For CCC and all other permissions, please visit Johns Hopkins University Press Rights & Permissions (www.press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/permissions.cgi) or email rights@press.jhu.edu.

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