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Almost all courses offered by The New School for Public Engagement can be taken on a non-credit basis—including those that can also be taken for credit. There is no formal admission procedure, and you may register online, in person, or by telephone, fax, or mail. The university does not award letter grades to non-credit students. Except for certain certificate programs, it does not maintain any permanent records for non-credit students. While enrolled in a course, a student may request a Non-Credit Record of Attendance for any course that meets for at least four sessions; there is a fee for this service.

Most classes are a mix of both credit and non-credit students, but there is generally no distinction made between the two in class. Non-credit students are invited and encouraged to participate fully in all class discussions, work, and presentations.

Undergraduate General Credit (Nonmatriculated)
A general credit student is outside any degree program at The New School and is registered on a nonmatriculated basis. The New School is an accredited institution, and most courses can be taken for credit. In most cases, unless otherwise stated, there is no formal admission procedure, and you may register online, in person, by fax or mail. The number of undergraduate credits assigned to a course is stated at the end of the course description.

You should consider taking a course for credit if:

  • You plan to use courses to meet prerequisites or credit requirements for any degree program at The New School or another university
  • You need a formal academic record of your course work for any reason

Requirements for earning credit vary from course to course. It is the student's responsibility to understand and fulfill such requirements. For more information, see Grades and Records.

General credit students are not automatically admitted into New School degree programs, and there additional admission procedures for select certificate programs. A comprehensive list of degree and certificate programs offered at The New School is available on this site.

If you intend to transfer credits to a degree program at another school, you should confirm that the credits will transfer before registering at The New School.

The New School for Public Engagement awards certificates of completion in several areas of study. Learn more about our certificate programs.

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