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Media Studies and Film

At The New School, you can study the media as a scholar as well as learning how to create it. Digital technologies were integrated into our curriculum more than a decade ago, and we still teach traditional filmmaking. We update our courses all the time to reflect the ongoing advances in the fields of film and media studies and production. Our mission is to help people understand and analyze modern communication and realize their personal vision in narrative, experimental, and inter-media forms.

—Anne Balsamo, Dean, School of Media Studies
—Melissa Friedling, Director of Undergraduate Programs

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Media Studies and Production
Courses in media studies and production enable students who wish to advance in almost any area of this wide-ranging field—from documentary to Web-based projects, sites, digital design, and multimedia—to integrate media history, theory, and research with production work.

Film Studies and Production
Courses in film studies and production allow students to consider the cinema as a subject of admiration and investigation and complete their own film projects. The New School offers a Certificate in Film Production attesting to successful completion of a sequence of courses in which students master the art and craft of filmmaking.

Film and Media Business
New technologies and changes in production and distribution models have profoundly affected the film and media business. Courses provide students with the information and tools that enable aspiring professionals to navigate these constantly changing waters. Students taking film and media production courses, as well as those interested in careers in media management, are strongly encouraged to take courses in this area.

The screenwriting curriculum has been cooperatively designed by our distinguished faculty to create a cohesive program for the serious student. The New School offers a Certificate in Screenwriting attesting to successful completion of a sequence of courses in which students master the art and craft of writing for the cinema.

Graduate Programs in Media Studies and Film
In addition to undergraduate-level courses and programs, the Media Studies and Film Department offers certificate programs on the graduate level and a master's degree program in Media Studies.

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