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Grades and Records

Non-Credit Record of Attendance
Non-credit students can obtain a non-credit record of attendance during an academic term in which they are registered. This record identifies the course and verifies the student's completion of the course. It is not an academic evaluation and does not provide a course grade. A non-credit record of attendance must be requested from the Registrar's Office in writing no later than four weeks before the final session of the course. The written request may be mailed or presented in person at the Registrar's Office. A separate record is issued for each non-credit course; the non-refundable fee is $20 per course, which must be paid by the student's own personal check, bank debit card, or MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card; cash is not accepted.

The non-credit record of attendance is not available for any course meeting for fewer than four sessions nor for any event listed in the New School Catalog without a course number.

The New School does not maintain a permanent or official record of non-credit enrollment.

Grade Reporting
Grades are recorded for all students registered in a course for credit or for non-credit certificate. The University Records Office posts grades within two weeks of submission by the instructor. Grades are posted by student ID number (printed on your course schedule and photo ID card) online at; students without access to the Internet can obtain grade reports from the Registrar's Office at 72 Fifth Avenue.

Grades for Certificate Courses
Certificate students receive a grade of Approved (AP) or Not Approved (NA) in any course taken toward a certificate. (Credit students should consult their program advisor to find out the minimum letter grade required for Certificate Approval.) Permanent records are maintained for all certificate students, and transcripts are available.

A = 4.0 C+ = 2.3
A- = 3.7 C = 2.0
B+ = 3.3 C- = 1.7
B = 3.0 D = 1.0
B– = 2.7 F, WF = 0.0

I = Temporary Incomplete: Indicates failure to complete assigned work. This mark is not given automatically but only on the request of the student and at the discretion of the instructor. A "Request for Grade of Incomplete" form must be completed and signed by student and instructor. The time allowed for completion of the work and removal of the "I" mark will be set by the instructor but may be no later than four weeks after the last day of the semester in which the mark was given. Grades of "I" not revised in the prescribed time will be recorded as a final grade of "WF" by the University Records Office.

W = Official Withdrawal Without Academic Penalty: Written request must be presented in person at the Registrar's Office by the published deadline (see Add/Drop schedule). If a student is matriculated in any degree program, the request must be approved by the student's advisor.

WF = Unofficial Withdrawal and Failure (GPA value 0): Issued by an instructor to an undergraduate student who has not attended or not completed all required work in a course but did not officially withdraw before the deadline. It differs in meaning from "F," which indicates that the student has completed all requirements but that the level of work did not qualify for a passing grade.

AP = Approved (non-credit certificate student)

NA = Not Approved (non-credit certificate student)

GM = Grade Not Reported for Student

Requests for Transcripts
Credit and Certificate Students: Transcripts of record are provided for in the University Services Fee collected every term at registration. All requests for transcripts must be made in writing to the University Records Office, 72 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10011; Tel: 212.229.5620; Fax: 212.229.5648; office hours are Monday through Thursday, 10:00 a.m.-5:45 p.m., and Friday, 10:00 a.m.-4:45 p.m. The form for requesting a transcript can be downloaded from

Request for Certificate
A student who has completed all the requirements of a certificate program should file the Request for Certificate form available at the University Records Office.

Change of Grade
Final grades are subject to revision by the instructor with the approval of the Dean's Office for one semester following the term in which the course was offered. After one semester has elapsed, all grades recorded in the University Records Office become a permanent part of the academic record, and no changes are allowed.

Grade Review
Grade reviews should be initiated and completed in a timely manner. Students may petition for a review of a grade by following this procedure:

  1. The student initially requests an explanation of a grade or evaluation from the instructor.
  2. If the student is not satisfied or has additional questions and wishes to pursue the grade review process, the student submits a letter outlining any questions and/or objections to the faculty member, with a copy to the director or chairperson of the program or department.
  3. The instructor must submit a written response to the student's letter with a copy to the director or chairperson.
  4. The student may respond in writing to the faculty member as well as to the director and/or chairperson.
  5. If a resolution has not been reached, the student may request that the director or chairperson evaluate the petition; at this stage the director or chair may choose to consult with both the student and the faculty member involved in the dispute to determine the fairness of the grade.
  6. If either the student or the faculty member is dissatisfied with the director or chairperson's decision, a final appeal may be made to the associate dean for Academic Services.

If the instructor is a chair or director of the department or program in which the class is taught, the petition will be evaluated by the associate dean for Academic Services in accordance with the above procedures.

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