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The official language of France and several other European countries, as well parts of the Americas, from Canada to the Caribbean, French continues to attract a large population of second language speakers. Whether you are at the beginning of your studies, returning to your studies, or seeking further advancement after years of study, The New School offers an extensive curriculum on French language and culture.

The New School offers around 50 French courses each academic year. A variety of levels are available every fall, spring, and summer; each level is the equivalent of a college semester. In addition to courses dedicated to the study of the French language, we offer courses designed for graduate students preparing for the reading examination, as well special topics classes that focus on areas of French culture.

If you would like to study French but have limited time during the week, stop by The New School for a weekend immersion. Our On the Go courses in French are offered at a variety of levels, helping you make rapid progress in just a weekend.

Visit the registration website for a list of current course offerings in French and other languages. If you are unsure about your level, take a self-placement exam to determine where you should start. To obtain a French placement exam, contact the Department of Foreign Languages at

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