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Foreign Languages

The New School Department of Foreign Languages offers continuing education 17 languages. Our experienced instructors, many of them native speakers, are all dedicated to our teaching philosophy, which emphasizes the living language in its cultural context. We aim to help adult learners communicate in their target language as quickly as possible.

Continuing education classes are conveniently scheduled on weekday evenings and weekend mornings and afternoons. Enrollment is limited to give every student an opportunity to actively engage in class activities.

Courses are offered at every level of proficiency—beginner, intermediate, or advanced. There are classes devoted to conversation, some with an emphasis on a particular field of study or topic such as modern art or popular culture. In addition to full-term courses, we offer the On the Go language immersion curriculum for travelers, with introductory, intermediate, and advanced classes meeting on an intensive weekend schedule. On the Go courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and study foreign languages for many different reasons, including professional advancement, academic needs, travel, interest in a foreign culture, or a desire to improve existing language skills.

To help you find the appropriate level in the language of your choice, we offer placement exams in most languages taught at The New School. Exams can be taken at home or in the Foreign Languages office. For details about placement exams, email or call 212.229.5676.

Marie-Christine Massé, Interim Chair

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