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    Whether you are interested in art and design, media, writing, liberal arts, languages, or another field, we’re sure to have the right fit for you. Share a classroom with degree-seeking students at the only comprehensive university housing a world-famous design school, a premier liberal arts college, a renowned performing arts college, a legendary social research school, and many more schools and programs designed for students of every age and stage of life. Start your learning journey with some of the world’s most renowned faculty and programs.

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    Meet the Parts of Our Sum

    Parsons School of Design

    • Take classes at one of the top art and design schools in the United States.
    • Parsons classes provide students with the technical skills and design training they need to begin or advance their careers and develop their artistic interests.
    • Learn from faculty selected from the highest echelons of New York's art and design communities

    Mannes School of Music at the College of Performing Arts

    • Founded in 1916, Mannes School of Music at The New School seeks to develop citizen-artists who engage with the world around them in and through music, in traditional, new, and emergent forms of practice. Our eminent faculty of artists, scholars, and educators of international stature, including active professionals from all areas of the music world, foster close, constructive relationships with students and are committed to advancing the creative role of music throughout all aspects of our rapidly changing society.

    The New School: Media, Liberal Arts, Languages, Writing & Literature, Management

    • Take classes at The New School's founding college, sparked in 1919 by a few great minds who dared to imagine a school that would rethink the purpose of higher learning.
    • Learn from instructors at the forefront of engagement with the learning process, the community, and the defining issues of our time.
    • At once boldly imaginative and eminently practical, The New School offers an academic community that values democratic access to higher education and lifelong education for all citizens.

    The New School for Social Research

    • Founded as a home for progressive thinkers and persecuted scholars, this school offers classes where you too can learn how to engage with and expand the boundaries of social thought.

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  • Art and Design at Parsons


    Study the basics underlying all the art and design disciplines in Fine Arts and Foundation courses, master the creative use of digital tools through Photography courses, and devise design-led approaches to complex contemporary challenges in Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design, Digital Design, and Graphic Design courses. Classes emphasize design and creativity while providing intensive technical training.

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    Noncredit Design |  Credit Design

    Visit the Certificate Programs page to learn more about our offerings and register for core courses in Graphic and Digital Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Business, Interior Design and Architecture, and Fine Art and Foundation.

    Creative Writing & Literature


    The Creative Writing Program, taught through the workshop model, offers courses led by professional writers who work closely with students to strengthen them as writers of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and more.

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    Noncredit Literature | Credit Literature

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    Understand and get ahead in our increasingly global society, travel abroad, conduct business in other countries or with NYC's multicultural communities, and appreciate great literature or films in the original languages by learning a foreign language: American Sign Language, Arabic, ChineseFrench, German, Italian, Japanese, KoreanLatinPortuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Or meet the demand for native or near-native English speakers trained to teach the language in the United States and around the world and study English as a Second Language.

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    Studies in Culture and Society


    Studies in Culture and Society classes offer bold ways to better the world through critical inquiry, engagement, and expression. Here, all students can study liberal arts with both scholarly rigor and intellectual freedom — topics such as Arts and Social Engagement, Ethics, Power, and Justice, Food Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Literature, Culture, and Democracy, Psychology, and Race and Ethnicity.

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    Management, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship


    Whether your interest is in acquiring or polishing job-related skills, positioning yourself for a new career, launching your own start-up, or supporting your work with nonprofits or in the arts, we offer Economics and Management and Business classes to help you develop the skills necessary to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

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    Media, Film, and Technology


    Step behind the camera to claim your space as a cineaste, complementing your skills with scholarship on the art of filmmaking. Train as an expert in the most current digital technologies for the silver screen and beyond, mastering Film Studies, Media Studies, Film and Media Production, and Screenwriting to develop your personal voice and vision through traditional narrative and radically experimental media forms.

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    Music Classes and Performance Ensembles


    The Mannes Community Orchestra is made up of community members and students and faculty from Mannes and The New School. Participants come together to hone their skills, network with like-minded musicians, build lasting friendships, and perform throughout the year. Orchestral instrumentalists with various backgrounds are welcome.

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    CE Online

    The New School has always been at the forefront of online learning, and we continue to bring adult students all over the world an  array of innovative opportunities to study Fashion, Foreign Language, Management and Business, and more!

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