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Arabic speakers are in increasing demand in a wide range of professions, and The New School offers courses tailored to students who need to learn to speak Arabic as it is used by native speakers to communicate in the Arab world.

We teach Arabic as a living language: Our courses teach a form of colloquial or spoken Arabic (the language of daily use) while integrating Modern Standard Arabic for reading and writing. This innovative dual approach enables students to communicate in Levantine Arabic, the language spoken in daily life in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine, and to write and read modern Arabic texts.

The New School offers Arabic language courses for students at all levels in the fall, spring, and summer. Levels 1 through 4 are for beginners; levels 5 and 6 are for students with intermediate Arabic language skills. In spring and summer terms, we offer Introductory Intensive Arabic, the equivalent of two levels in one term, for students who wish to advance more rapidly.

If you would like to learn or practice Levantine Arabic but have limited time during the week, come to The New School for a weekend immersion class. We offer On the Go courses in Arabic at levels 1 through 4. The On the Go curriculum helps students make rapid progress in a language in just a weekend.

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