• Ticket Information

    Tickets are required for admission to the University Commencement on Friday, May 22. Graduates who are marching in the Commencement ceremony can request up to two tickets for guests for the university commencement ceremony at the Javits Center at by April 15.

    • All tickets are for general admission (no assigned seating).
    • Graduates should distribute their tickets to their guests before Commencement.
    • No guest will be admitted to the venue without a ticket.
    • Any guests unable to attend the university commencement ceremony itself will be able to Livestream the ceremony online at

    For information on tickets for the divisional ceremonies, visit Additional Information on the School Recognition Ceremonies and Receptions webpage.

    Ticket Pick Up

    Commencement tickets that were requested by ordering or borrowing a cap and gown can be picked up now at 72 Fifth Avenue, 4th floor. The deadline for picking up the tickets is Friday, May 15, at 5:00 p.m. unless you have made prior arrangements.

    The tickets will not be available after this date, so if you have any issues with meeting this deadline, please email immediately.

    For those of you purchasing your cap and gown on Monday, May 18, your tickets will be available at that time.

    Statement on Sale and Misuse of Commencement Tickets

    The New School prohibits the sale or purchase of Commencement tickets and the posting of advertisements offering tickets for sale or requesting tickets for purchase. The New School also prohibits the duplication of tickets as well as the production and use of counterfeit tickets.

    Any student who The New School has reason to believe is selling tickets, has purchased tickets, or has posted an advertisement selling or offering to buy tickets or who is found to have produced or attempted to use a duplicated or counterfeit ticket will be subject to sanction by the university. Penalties may include denial of permission to participate in Commencement. Any guest found to be using such tickets will be refused admission to the ceremony.