• ResearchResearch

    The Center for Data Arts initiates original research, and it also takes on commissioned projects for partners in both the private and public sectors. We conduct experiments, create software tools, and develop unique context-specific data interfaces. We share knowledge through a quarterly journal, white papers, an annual symposium, public programs, and customized workshops.

    Our research areas include:

    • Data-Human Interface Techniques: creating a taxonomy of the methods for communicating data, together with an evidence-based matrix of these methods and their effectiveness in different applications.
    • Mapping Information Ecosystems: developing a methodology for analyzing and representing all of the data flowing through a specific situation, such as an intensive care unit, a museum, a school, or a farm.
    • Understanding Data Through Metaphor: the Meaningful Data Lab
    • Virtual Data Realities: using VR and other immersive technologies to experience data in three-dimensional space.
    • Multimodal Data Display: using sound, motion, touch, and physical simulations to enhance the experience and understanding of data.
    • Data Ownership, Control, and Public Policy
    • Qualitative Data Lab: visualizing connections, relationships, and system dynamics between multiple entities
    • Data Democratization Lab: making digital information accessible to everyone through data literacy and education
    • Health Data Design Lab
    • Financial and Transactional Information Design
    • Cognition & Learning Science: how do we perceive and learn from data?
    • Data Economics: how do we value and price data?