Macrodynamics and Macroeconometrics

"Time Scales and Mechanisms of Economic Cycles: The Contributions of Kondratieff, Kuznetz, Schumpeter, Kalecki, Goodwin, Kaldor and Minsky"
Lucas Bernard, Aleksandr Gevorkyan, Tom Palle, and Willi Semmler
October 21, 2011
(PDF, 649 KB)

"The Instability of the Banking Sector and Macrodynamics: Theory and Empirics"
Stefan Mittnik and Willi Semmler
February 4, 2011
(PDF, 871 KB)

"Climate Policies and Structural Change - Employment and Output Effects of Sustainable Growth"
Stefan Mittnik, Willi Semmler, Mika Kato, Daniel Samaan
January 28, 2010
(PDF, 6.9 MB)

"Interaction of Labor and Credit Market Frictions: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis"
Ekkehard Ernst, Stefan Mittniky, and Willi Semmler
December 17, 2009
(PDF, 987 KB)

"Overconsumption, credit rationing and bailout monetary policy: A Minskyan perspective"
Matthieu Charpe, Peter Flaschel, Christian Proaño, Willi Semmler

"Regime Dependence of Aggregate Demand Effects"
Stefan Mittnik and Willi Semmler
October 26, 2009

"Stabilizing an Unstable Economy: Policy Rules to Safeguard Real and Financial Market Stability"
Toichiro Asada, Peter Flaschel, Carsten Köper, Willi Semmler
October 7, 2009

"Macroeconomics with Non-Clearing Labor Market"
Willi Semmler and Gang Gong
August 11, 2009

"Filtering Time Series with Penalized Splines"
Göran Kauermann, Tatyana Krivobokova, and Willi Semmler
March 5, 2008

"Quantifying the Impact of Structural Reforms"
Ekkehard Ernst, Gang Gong, Willi Semmler, and Lina Bukeviciute
August 2006

"Tobin's q and Investment in a Model with Multiple Steady States"
Mika Kato, Willi Semmler, and Marvin Oforiz
May 2005

"Keynesian Macrodynamics and the Phillips Curve. An Estimated Baseline Macromodel for the U.S. Economy"
Pu Chen, Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, and Willi Semmler
June 10, 2005
(PDF, 2.40 MB)

"Testing Wage and Price Phillips Curves for the United States"
Peter Flaschel, Göran Kauermann, Willi Semmler
August 1, 2005
(PDF, 271 KB)

"Monetary Policy, the Labor Market and Pegged Exchange Rates:
A Study of the German Economy"

Peter Flaschel, Gang Gong, and Willi Semmler
March 2003
(PDF, 1472 KB)

"Calibration of the Keynes-Metzler-Goodwin Model to Stylized Facts of the German Business Cycle" 
Reiner Franke
June 2002
(PDF, 618 KB)

"Stylized Facts of German Business Cycles: References for Macrodynamic Calibration"
Reiner Franke
May 2002
(PDF, 293 KB)

"Keynesian Macroeconomics Without the LM Curve: Implications of Underlying Open Market Operations"
Reiner Franke
January 2002
(PDF, 447 KB)

"Liquidity, Credit and Output: A Regime Change Model and Empirical Estimations" 
Willi Semmler and Levent Koçkesen
December 2001
(PDF, 764 KB)

"Stepwise Calibration of a Higher-Order Keynes-Metzler-Goodwin Model"
Reiner Franke
September 2001
(PDF, 536 KB)

"History Dependence and Hysteresis Effects in an Investment Model with Adjustment Costs"
Mika Kato and Willi Semmler
June 2001
(PDF, 321 KB)

"Real-Financial Interaction: Integrating Supply Side Wage-Price Dynamics and the Stock Market"
Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke, and Willi Semmler
September 2001
(PDF, 345 KB)

"Nonlinear Phillips Curve and Monetary Policy in a Keynesian Macroeconometric Model"
Peter Flaschel, Gang Gong, Willi Semmler
(PDF, 781 KB)

"A Keynesian Based Econometric Framework for Studying Monetary Policy Rules"
Peter Flaschel, Gang Gong, and Willi Semmler
October 2000
(PDF, 1493 KB)

"Three Wage-Price Macro Models and Their Calibration"
Reiner Franke
June 2000
(PDF, 639 KB)

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