Labor Market

"Quantifying the Impact of Structural Reforms"
Ekkehard Ernst, Gang Gong, Willi Semmler, and Lina Bukeviciute
August 2006
(PDF, 679 KB)

"Kaleckian Investment and Employment Cycles in Postwar Industrialized Economies"
Peter Flaschel, Reiner Franke, and Willi Semmler
January 31, 2007
(PDF, 885 KB)

"Wage Stickiness and Nonclearing Labor Market in Business Cycles"
Gang Gong and Willi Semmler
April 30, 2006
(PDF, 308 KB)

"Comparing U.S. and Euro Area Wage and Price Inflation Dynamics"
Christian R. Proaño, Peter Flaschel, Ekkehard Ernst, and Willi Semmler
October 19, 2005
(PDF, 354 KB)

"Keynesian Macrodynamics and the Phillips Curve. An Estimated Baseline Macromodel for the U.S. Economy"
Pu Chen, Carl Chiarella, Peter Flaschel, and Willi Semmler
June 10, 2005
(PDF, 2.40 MB)

"Sticky Prices, Monopolistic Competition and Nonclearing Labor Markets: Matching an Intertemporal Model to Time Series Data of the US and Euro-area Countries"
Gang Gong and Willi Semmler
December 6, 2004
(PDF, 687 KB)
"Technical Change, Labor Market Institutions and Wage Inequality: A Comparison of the U.S. and Europe"
Jens Rubart and Willi Semmler
February 25, 2004
(PDF, 395 KB)

"Testing Wage and Price Phillips Curves for the United States"
Peter Flaschel,Göran Kauermann,Willi Semmler
February 2004
(PDF, 596 KB)

"On the Mechanisms of Inequality"
Willi Semmler
August 2003
(PDF, 201 KB)

"Business Cycles, Wage Stickiness and Nonclearing Labor Market"
Gang Gong and Willi Semmler
June 2003
(PDF, 641 KB)
"Economic Growth, Skill-Biased Technical Change and Wage Inequality: A Model and Estimations for the U.S. and Europe"
Gang Gong , Alfred Greiner, Willi Semmler, and Jens Rubart
February 2003
(PDF, 556 KB)

"Endogenous Growth, Skill-Biased Technical Change and Wage Inequality"
Alfred Greiner and Willi Semmler
February 2002
(PDF, 476 KB)

"Immigration, Labor Market and Wage Inequality"
Codrina Rada
January 2002
(PDF, 118 KB)

"Wage Inequality in the United States and Europe: Summary of the major theoretical and empirical explanations in the current debate"
Frank Schroeder
October 2001
(PDF, 129 KB)

"Real Business Cycles with Disequilibrium in the Labor Market: A Comparison of the U.S. and German Economies"
Gang Gong and Willi Semmler
August 2000
(PDF, 1002 KB)

"Modelling Asymmetries and Moving Equilibria in Unemployment Rates"
Joakim Skalin and Timo Teräsvirta
June 2000
(PDF, 617 KB)

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