Economic Growth

"The Role of Education and Human Capital for Economic Growth in Middle Income Countries: Egypt’s Case" (PDF)
Khaled El-Mattrawy and Willi Semmler
June 2006

"Public Policy for Economic Growth: Theory and Empirics" (PDF)
Willi Semmler, Alfred Greiner, Bobo Diallo, Armon Rezai, and Anand Rajaram
September 2006
Mathematica: Procedureoct3106.nb (6.57 KB)

"On Poverty Traps, Thresholds and Take-Offs" (PDF)
Willi Semmler and Marvin Ofori
June 2004 (Revised version, December 2005)

"The Forces of Economic Growth: A Time Series Perspective" (PDF)
Alfred Greiner, Willi Semmler, and Gang Gong
February 2005

"Endogenous Growth, Skill-Biased Technical Change and Wage Inequality" (PDF)
Alfred Greiner and Willi Semmler
February 2002

"Externalities of Investment, Education and Economic Growth"  (PDF)
Alfred Greiner and Willi Semmler
Published in Economic Modelling (2002), Vol. 19, no. 5: 709-724

"Economic Growth in the US and Europe: The Role of Knowledge, Human Capital and Inventions" (PDF)
Gang Gong , Alfred Greiner, Willi Semmler, and Jens Rubart
May 2001

"Externalities of Investment and Endogenous Growth: Theory and Time Series Evidence" (PDF)
Alfred Greiner and Willi Semmler
Forthcoming, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics

"Estimating the Uzawa-Lucas Model for the U.S. and Germany" (PDF)
Gang Gong, Alfred Greiner, Willi Semmler

"Indeterminacy and the Distribution of Growth Rates" (PDF)
Alfred Greiner and Jens J. Krueger
2001, Economics Bulletin, Vol. 15, No. 6 pp. 1-8

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