Management and Operations

Management and Operations

PROJECT MANAGERS oversee hundreds of projects large and small from inception to completion, advising on message and audience, and ensuring efficient production and distribution. They are CEA's primary liaisons with dozens of academic and administrative collaborators and clients.

  • Lead projects from across the university of varying sizes and forms, including products (web, print, video) and campaigns (such as new program launches, university initiatives, campus expansion, and academic mergers)
  • Build practical and detailed timelines, and ensure deadlines are met. Account for all deliverables.
  • Set priorities; write creative briefs; develop approval chains; track projects
  • Keep a global perspective

Director of Project Management, Mark Houghtaling

The OPERATIONS department runs the office.

  • Establishes operational standards and processes in the department
  • Leases, purchases, and maintains office hardware, software, equipment, and supplies
  • Works with the University Budget Office to ensure budgetary process compliance
  • Negotiates with suppliers and vendors
  • Processes invoices
  • Trouble-shoots for the office
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