BA ⁄ BFA in Liberal Arts and Music

Liberal Arts & Jazz

The basic requirements for completing the BAFA Program at Lang and Jazz are the following:

Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts
In order to earn a BA students must:

  • Earn 90 Liberal Arts credits
  • Complete First Year Writing
  • Declare and Complete a Major or Path of Study
  • Complete a Senior Capstone Seminar or Project (four credits)

The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music
In order to earn a BFA students must:

  • Earn 90 Studio Credits
  • Complete or test out of the following Areas: Theory, Theory and Performance (Improvisation), Ear Training, Piano, Rhythmic Analysis, Instrumental Proficiency, Sight-Reading
  • Complete and Pass a Sophomore Jury
  • Complete and Pass a Senior Recital

** It is suggested (although not required) that Jazz BAFA students take up to six credits of Jazz History and up to six credits of other music history such as Classical Music History and World Music History. (These courses apply as liberal arts credits.)