Student Profiles

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Alex Yellen

Alex Yellen, from Newton, Massachusetts, is in his fourth year of the BA/BFA program. His areas of focus are cultural studies at Lang and piano at Jazz.

Why did you decide to become a BA/BFA student?
The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music has a fantastic reputation. It’s always mentioned as one of the top five programs. Classes at Lang are timely and topical, and the faculty’s amazing. It’s been the best of both worlds.

Have you had any internships?
Yes, I’ve been working one-on-one for a producer at WNYC [a public radio station in New York City]. It’s been a great experience to learn about the radio world from the inside. Public radio and jazz fit together perfectly.

How do you like going to college in Greenwich Village?
There is no better place to study the arts than New York City and there’s no better place to study people than the Village.

What interests would you like to pursue after college?
I have tons of plans. In an ideal world, I’d be in music: teaching, working in radio, writing, and having my own band.