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    Since 2013, more than 60 New School faculty members have risen to the "New School Minute" challenge of delivering a fully realized lecture in just 60 seconds. The lectures have covered a wide range of topics, including humanitarian design, color theory, information mapping, jazz improvisation, the economics of outsourcing, the rhetoric of race, and the human condition. Each lecture offered a sense of the depth and scope of the work being done in New School classrooms.

    Watch lectures from New School Minute 2016 

    New School Minute 2016


    • Mark Cajigao, Acting '08


    • Laura Maria Censabella, Professor, Playwriting

      Romantic Love & Becoming American

    • Katayoun Chamany, Chair of the Interdisciplinary Science Program

      Immortality & Immorality: Stem Cells & Social Justice 

    • Hazel Clark, Research Chair of Fashion

      Fashion = NYID

    • Michael A. Cohen, Professor of International Affairs

      The World Is Not Flat, It's Urban

    • Stefania de Kenessey, Professor of Music

      Opera or Not?

    • Lisa Huestis, Professor of Legal Studies

      The Questions They Ask: Or Rediscovering Socrates

    • Erica Kohl-Arenas, Professor of Nonprofit Management

      The Self-Help Myth: How Philanthropy Avoids Tackling Inequality

    • Peter Lucas, Professor, International Affairs
      Transformative Media Arts and the Poetics of Witnessing

    • Michelle Materre, Professor of Media Studies and Film
      Can Media Really Change the Cultural Narrative?

    • Derek Porter, Professor of Lighting Design

      Paired with Light

    • Timo Rissanen, Professor of Fashion Design

      Post-Growth Fashion 

    • Robert Sember, Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts

      From Hearing to Listening: The Sound of Community Organizing

    • Chris Shinn, Professor, Playwriting

      Desire, Scapegoating, and the Sacred: René Girard and Theatre

    • Ann Snitow, Professor of Literature

      What Is Gender?

    • Miriam Steele, Professor of Psychology and Co-director of the Center for Attachment

      My Body, My Mother's Body: Attachment and Body Representation

    • Rory Stuart, Professor of Music/Rhythm

      A Rhythm Minute

    • Radhika Subramaniam, Director of the Sheila C. Johnson Design Center and Professor of Art and Design History 


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