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    Since 2013, more than 60 New School faculty members have risen to the "New School Minute" challenge of delivering a fully realized lecture in just 60 seconds. The lectures have covered a wide range of topics, including humanitarian design, color theory, information mapping, jazz improvisation, the economics of outsourcing, the rhetoric of race, and the human condition. Each lecture offered a sense of the depth and scope of the work being done in New School classrooms. Watch lectures from New School Minute 2016.

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    New School Minute 2017


    • Cinzia Arruzza, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    • John Bruce, Assistant Professor of Strategic Design and Management and Director of BBA Strategic Design and Management
    • Mindy Fullilove, Professor of Urban Policy and Health, Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy
      400 Years of Inequality: 1619-2019 Justice 
    • Joseph Grifasi, Faculty Member, Acting
    • Jamer Hunt, Associate Professor of Transdisciplinary Design
      Design and the Unknown Unknowns
    • William Martin, Faculty Member, School of Jazz
      Rhythmic Harmony
    • Claire Potter, Professor of History
      Historians on Hamilton: A Book About Broadway's Hit Musical
    • Trebor Scholz, Associate Professor of Culture and Media Studies
      An Uber Owned by Its Drivers
    • Luciana Scrutchen, Assistant Professor of Fashion
    • Howard Steele, Professor of Psychology and Director of Graduate Studies and Co-Director of the Center for Attachment Research
      Separation Anxiety: The Fundamental Human Fear
    • Lucille Tenazas, Associate Dean of the School of Art, Media, and Technology and Henry Wolf Professor of Communication Design
      The Monograph of a Graphic Designer: Fact and Fiction
    • Gary Vena, Faculty Member, Theater History
      Eugene O'Neill, Everywhere!
    • Mia White, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies 
      Race, Space, and the Wake Work of Our Undercommons
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