• Corporate Partnerships and Industry Engagement

    Corporate Partnerships Hero

    The Corporate Partnerships and Industry Engagement (CPIE) department connects leading companies and industry organizations with The New School, the pre-eminent intellectual and creative center for effective engagement in a changing world.  Partners have the unique opportunity to collaborate with world-renowned faculty and the future change-makers, innovators, and design experts.

    CPIE seeks partners that embrace innovation, creativity and human-centered design. Together, we will create a plan to address shifts in the global economy, society, and the environment and innovate to create a world with better-designed objects, communication, and systems.

    Opportunities for Partnership

    Stimulate innovation and Entrepreneurship

    The New School offers opportunities to create new thinking for a new world. From incubating ideas to solving specific business challenges, The New School designs for both the issues of our time as well as those to come.

    Prepare a Workforce for the New Economy

    The New School is at the forefront of preparing people to thrive in today’s evolving workplace, providing innovative education and continuous learning programs for the emerging creative economy.

    Leverage Big Data to Envision the Future

    The New School takes a trans-disciplinary approach to morph data into insight, shaping policy, product, and systems to create a better human experience.

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