Christian, Christopher

Christian, Chris

Christopher Christian
Ph.D., Clinical Psychology - 1996 University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA Certificate in Psychoanalysis - 2004 The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR), New York, NY Scholar Associate Certificate in Psychoanalysis - 2010 New York Psychoanalytic Institute, New York, NY

Dr. Christian is an Assistant Professor in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program of the New School for Social Research; Director of the New School-Beth Israel Center for Clinical Training and Research. He obtained a PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1996. He earned a Certificate in Psychoanalysis from the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) in New York in 2007; where he is co-Director of the Norbert Freedman Center for Psychoanalytic Research.  Dr. Christian is also a Research Scholar Member of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and Society; a Fellow of the International Psychoanalytical Association; and he is on the Editorial Board of Psychoanalytic Psychology.   Dr. Christian writes on psychoanalytic theory and his research interests include psychotherapy process research. He has a practice near Union Square, where he works with adults providing individual psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and couples therapy.
Courses Taught:
• Theories and Techniques I

• Seminar on Professional Issues, Ethics and Consultation

• Practicum at Beth Israel Medical Center
Recent Publications:

Eagle, M., Christian, C., and Wolitzky, D. (expected 2015). Conflict and Psychoanalysis: A Critical Reassessment. London: Routledge.

Christian, C., Safran, J. and Muran, J.C. (2012). The corrective emotional experience: A
Relational Perspective and Critique. In L. Castonguay & C. Hill (Eds.). Corrective
experiences in psychotherapy
. Washington, DC: APA.

Diamond, M. and Christian, C. (Eds). (2011). The 2nd Century of Psychoanalysis: Evolving
Perspectives on Therapeutic Action
. London: Karnac Book.

Christian, C. (2012). The Interpreter and the Puerto Rican Syndrome. Blog post to Critica Latinoamericana:

Christian, C. (2009). The Piano Teacher: A Case Study in Sadomasochism. The
Psychoanalytic Review
, 96, 774-786.

Christian, C., Hoffman, L., Bucci, W., Crimins, M. & Worth, M. (2010). Symbolization
and Emotional Engagement In Mothers’ Reports of Child Care Activities.
International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, 7(1), 22-39.

Christian, C. (2008). The Death Instinct in Battlestar Galactica. In Josef Steiff and Tristan D. Tamplin (Eds). Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy. Chicago: Open Court Publishing Co.

Christian, C. (2007). Sibling loss, guilt and reparation: A case study. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 88, 41-54.


Office Location:
 Room 615, 80 Fifth Avenue
Office Hours:
Wednesdays 11am-4pm
Phone Number/Extension:
(212) 420-4485


Personal Website:

Research Interests:
• Psychotherapy Process and Outcome Research
• Linguistic Measures of Psychotherapy Process
• Measures of Defense in Children’s Narratives
• Culture Bound Syndrome of Ataque de Nervios

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