Emanuele Castano 
Associate Professor
PhD 1999, Université Catholique de Louvain

Jeremy Safran 
PhD 1982, University of British Columbia

Department Members

Doris F. Chang
Associate Professor
PhD 2000, University of California at Los Angeles

Christopher Christian
Assistant Professor
Director, The New School–Beth Israel Center for Clinical Training and Research
PhD 1996, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Wendy D'Andrea
Assistant Professor
PhD 2008, University of Michigan

Jeremy Ginges
Associate Professor
PhD 2004, Tel Aviv University

Lawrence Hirschfeld
Professor of Anthropology and Psychology
PhD 1984, Columbia University

William Hirst
PhD 1976, Cornell University

Marcel Kinsbourne
DM 1963, Oxford University

Arien Mack
Alfred J. and Monette C. Marrow Professor of Psychology
PhD 1966, Yeshiva University

Joan Miller
Director of Undergraduate Studies
PhD 1982, University of Chicago

Lisa Rubin
Associate Professor
Assistant Director of Clinical Training
PhD 2005, Arizona State University

Herbert Schlesinger
Professor Emeritus and Senior lecturer
PhD 1952, University of Kansas

Michael Schober
PhD 1990, Stanford University

David Shapiro
Professor Emeritus
PhD 1950, University of Southern California

Howard Steele
Director of Graduate Studies
PhD 1991, University College, London

Miriam Steele
Director of Clinical Training
PhD 1990, University College, London

Jenifer Talley
Assistant Professor 
Assistant Director, Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling
PhD 2007, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

McWelling Todman 
Associate Professor of Clinical Practice
Director, Concentration in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling 
PhD 1986, The New School for Social Research

Brian Wallace
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD candidate, John Jay College-City University of New York

Adjunct Faculty

Arthur Blumenthal
PhD 1965, University of Washington

Andreas Evdokas
PhD 1997, The New School for Social Research

Ali Khadivi
PhD 1990, The New School for Social Research

Andrew Twardon
PhD 1993, The New School for Social Research

James Root
PhD 2001, The New School for Social Research

Visiting Faculty

Anne Maass
PhD 1982, Florida State University

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